Lack of forum activity/interest

They haven’t given me a reason to play . The new dlc battle royal is not for me I didn’t buy a mode that should have been free I would have bought new skins and a real dlc with real meat on it but they rather charge me 30 bucks for cut content and call it new modes not doing it . Gearbox has been letting everyone down that game they published is getting torn apart and stomp on for being trash .

Something wrong is going on at gearbox for them to put out two games back to back and they are both mess up .


Speak for yourself. I know I’ve been busy theorycrafting and testing builds since this patch dropped (and bug testing a lot too tbf). If you found a way to make the travesty of a tree that is Trapper work without gutting your damage while no one else has, I’m sure we on the FL4K section would love to know how :wink:.


why would i bother investing into trapper when i can demolish content with vanilla trees? did u not read what i said?

I agree that there’s nothing to do in the game. I’m probably going to retire this game once Cyberpunk comes out


Regret. There’s ALWAYS regret to do in the game. It is laden with it. BL3 is nothing BUT regret (except for the handful of people who made money off of it). Playing BL3 is practically a metaphor for itself, at this point.

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Yes I did, and when your complaint is “every character is so OP there is nothing to do”, and FL4K essentially didn’t get anything new with 4th tree, either you felt that FL4K had nothing new to do before 4th trees or you just don’t feel like playing with the new stuff. Either of which is fine, but then that complaint stretches far further back then DLC 5 and I don’t see what it would have to do with lower forum traffic now.

Perhaps he worded it less than optimally.

Maybe what he meant was there is literally nothing dynamic or engaging about how the game is played, given the fundamental, crippling flaws inherent in BL3’s gameplay’s design.

That’s my takeaway from it.

I agree with him.

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28 replies in 13 hours is increasing the average posts per hour in this thread as time goes on. Earlier it was about 12 replies from 9 hours.

Just wanted to note this, with a small amount of irony :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t necessarily disagree with that take, but I also don’t see how that is too different from most of the other Borderlands games.

For better or worse, these trees have opened up new possibilities (for people who have them). Tons of new games just came out with next gen, it’s Thanksgiving, and it could just be that people are either playing the game and thus not on the forums as much talking about it, or have moved on.

I don’t disagree that there are problems in the game, but I also think we tend to extrapolate trends about the health of the game from these forums when this is the worst place to get that data from. Discord, Reddit, and YT are all doing fine with BL3 traffic from what I can tell, and they are far larger communities and more representative of the player base than these forums.


I mean, in terms of activity the forums have stayed the about the same for months now. I can see being disappointed that the new DLC didn’t cause much of an uptick in activity though.

The new content brought me back so … congrats!!!:clap::tada::confetti_ball::partying_face:


If you look at steamcharts, the dlc “bump” only lasted two days and was very small. This game is basically down to the super dedicated only.


Modding is main reason I’m still am interested in continuing to play and that has earned me a scarlett letter among the moderators.

same eventually moded game and difficulty will be more engaging but i feel like it is a year long perspective not short time.

i maent fl4k also got his blue tree capstone reworked to be very strong now which means all his 3 vanilla trees are very strong and whatever you choose to use will do the content and we all know what fl4k’s choices are megavore and anything else your taste likes blue or green/ dominance for just ads criit is ridiculously strong.

I just picked up Breath of the Wild on the Switch so that’s where I’ve been at. I updated my trading list from time to time but yeah it doesn’t look like people are on the forums, even Reddit. But I agree that it’s probably mainly because of BL3’s age.

Since DLC2 I moved from BL3, and only came back to complete DLC3 and DLC4. It’s a 1+ year old game, only the loyal player base is active now. And looks like the new DLC5 failed to inject some activity in the forums, that says a lot about the “success” the DLC had.

Still, the new DLC doesn’t fix a lot of the issues that the game has:

  • Farm for days for the correct weapon + anoint
  • Once you have your weapon, you only have a few end game activities to use your new shiny gun
  • The game right now it’s a point click adventure, everything dies so fast, even raid bosses in the highest difficulty, that (at least for me) it’s boring
  • Since the game is easy, there’s no point in theory crafting or min maxing

Even content creators slowed down a lot their content some days after the DLC dropped. And most of the people in the math community moved on weeks before the DLC.

So, idk, I’m personally waiting for the community patch for BL3 and see what they do. The BL2 patch gave me a lot of extra hours of playtime. But I don’t think that’s going to bring activity to the forums due to the rules, I guess.

To close, I’ll leave this video from Derch:


maybe a lot of people are focused on the new xbox and ps5 right now. though I’ve also noticed the main you tube content producers seem to be doing a lot less as well. they used to pump out one or two vids a day and now they seem to be playing other games or not publishing regularly.


There are more efficient ways to euthanize a dying patient than a shot in the arm…


I think it is because I cut way back on my posting and so, obviously, people just began wandering off, looking for some other source of joy for their lives… :grin: