Lack of gamemodes

There are so little gamemodes for Battleborn. I absolutely love this game and have been playing since the beta, but the lack of gamemodes is making the game extremely repetitive. Are there other gamemodes being made currently? If not, is there even discussion of any new ones?


We literally just got face-off. There are 4 modes, twice as many as Overwatch, so I think they’re doing alright


Plus a story mode, 3 vs 3 is coming, and eventually 4 smaller story operations. (Already have 1, edit sorry the operations are paid dlc though)

Okay how? There’s I’d say 6 now

It would be nice to have some new ones, I know a survival mode has been suggested many times on here. Still, the more modes you have, unfortunately the more divided the playerbase is.

This will explain why even tho battleborn has more contet it dosent feel like it.

I’d be interested in more gamemodes…but for a lot of us, lengthy matchmaking queues are a big problem, and adding more game modes would only further fragment the playerbase and make the matchmaking all that much worse. I think GBX should focus on quality of life improvements, while we the players can try to spread the game through word of mouth. The single best thing for the game is for experienced players such as ourselves to just tell people about the game, and the bevy of post-release content. Find a way to counter all the negative publicity.

Also, while in game, I think we should keep the salt to a minimum. No surrendering, no excessive taunting; just play the game and be nice. If we come across new players we want them to have as pleasant of an experience as possible. Right now the playerbase, and therefore the entire game, is on life support. We need to do everything we can to be nice and support it.



The sad and brutal catch-22 situation that our beloved game has been stuck in for a while now…


This only explains that Battleborn has no right of the bat asymetric maps/game modes.
BTW Basically OW has one gamemode -point control- in some shades. Would you complain about lack of variety there?

I don’t understand the question

How would you fit a “payload push” mode into the lore of this game? Not being catty, seriously asking.

they’re already in the lore. the payload would be one of the spider bots. probably another one of geoff’s cousins.

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I honestly can´t think of a (recent/actual) game that is somehow compareable with BB and has same amount of modes… Is there one with more modi or equal?

We have 6 now (Incursion, Capture, Meltdown, Faceoff, Missions, Operations) not counting Advanced/Hardcore.

New modes were discussed too, Face-Off was the first they released and im pretty sure GBX wants to implement more modi in the future.

Personally I´ve trouble to decide which mode to choose for a session^^


I really want more maps… :S


Aside from enemies that appear both in story and PVP, how do you fit any of the PVP into the lore?

Huh battleborn is way more fun, can be frustrating at times but that how games work

Battleborn have a lot of content and im not fan boying it either… I played overwatch and well… Payload, capture, king of the hill … Is mega repeative … And its that repeative that majority of players already know which character to pick for X mode which does not bring diversity but just repeats after repeat sigh

There even a site with which character is best on which mode which is boring as hell… Even the damn competitive pro level of gameplay is very boring

Battleborn how ever hides the flow of battle which changes up how a team is played and doesnt have a counter system but is rely on actual skill from the player

The level designs are good yes incursion you may be stuck at the choke point… How ever you can flank in these modes, same for meltdown

Battleborn have a lot going for it and im never bored of it, mastering characters, unlocking helix, finding gear set ups per character, unlocking skins and taunts, dive into story and get gear and have a laugh with the banter, playing hardcore or advance mode, join incursion, meltdown, capture, face off, go play operations

Battleborn have A LOT of content and bringing a lot more… I absolutely fallen in love with this game, and massively love it way more then overwatch… Yeah i like mercy and pharah but battleborn characters have more life within them

Battleborn >>>> overwatch in my opinion

I mean recently aint overwatch making a pve mode… Talk about copying battleborn lmao


I thought the Battleborn Boot Camp video they put out fit it together at least a little. MINREC, Sentries, Collectors. Just give me something. I’m not asking for a full fit, just a little something.
Maybe I’m just babbling off a bit. I’m all for a payload mode, I’m just asking gearbox to make sure it fits.

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I share your wish!

You’ve wrote
"This will explain why even tho battleborn has more contet it dosent feel like it."
ti Bb [seem to be] lacking variety.
With every game mode in Overwatch being based on point control, how would you feel, in turn, about lack of content there. I mean, according to linked movie it has asymetric structure of maps, and a maps contruction giving a variety of “opportunities” in gameplay…
so what? It’s basically point controll over and over again.

Yeah that’s not even really saying anything groundbreaking about the game when you think about it. “OW has levels and the levels are designed like levels in a game should be.” The same could be said of any PVP game. No different than levels in Battlefield, for example.