Lack of info in game?

So I’m still new to this game and was just wondering if I’m blind or this stuff is missing in the game?

Is there anywhere in the game that will list actual stats on heroes? What your gear is doing to your hero? 5.7% extra attack sounds good but if said hero actually has pathetic baseline attack damage then you wouldn’t bother, but I have no idea what any stats are.

What’s the baseline for shield recharge delay? Is -.8 seconds on the delay even noticable? I don’t know because I don’t know how long it takes for shields to turn back on or even if shields automatically respawn after a set time of no shields or if you have to not be hit for X seconds before they turn on.

No gear from PvP? Am I missing something or is story mode the only way to earn gear outside of buying packs with currency?

I feel we need a little more info in the game, if I’m missing it though please point me in the direction heh.

stats on characters are much needed

also what are all the drops in PVE we pick up mean some i have no idea

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Yeah, you kinda have to play the character and assume what gear would work well with which characters, based on the weapons and how their helix is built.

Ex. Montana: Minigun, low damage, high ROF, go with increased AS.

Helix: has a Health AND Shield Increase, and mainly deals with damage resistance. Health and Shield ups are good, along with stacked Damage resistance.

Hopefully this helps. You have to build by trial and error right now.

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When you pull up your mutation it gives all base description for your character. Have you flipped though all pages in the “command” section? I haven’t fully looked at it but I’m sure there’s some info on the mutation part in command.

Are you talking about the reduced cool downs, speed nboost, over shield ect?

yes but there some icons i dont know what they are

I really can’t tell what things do based on the icon, but, what I found to really help, is (PS4 Controls, translate if not PS4) go to the gear section, pressing the option button, and to set the gear to sort by gear type. That should help organize things quite a bit.

I also wish more “advanced” stats were surfaced but they just aren’t, here’s a link to some more in depth information that might help a bit.

From what I can tell there’s Overshield, Cooldown Reduction, Speed Boost, Score(which adds to your final score for what medal you get) and Bonus Credits.

All the round drop things go as follows:


  1. Boosts movement speed, has an icon that looks kinda like this »
  2. Reduces cooldown time on skills.
  3. Bonus score. Smaller than the two above. Disappear very fast, be sure to pick these first!


  1. Score. They can be small or big I think.
  2. Credits. Now these ones aren’t actually round, but flat like disks. They give you credits that you can use to buy stuff.


  1. Extra Lives, so that when you die you can come back to life!


  1. Overshield. Boosts your shield. Overshield is lost once depleted.


  1. Health. Can be small or big.

I knew I was forgetting some, thank you for the description :slight_smile: