Lack of legendary drops in TVHM

I know this has more than likely come up a few times. :pleading_face:
I have managed to complete this game twice now and have almost finished a 3rd play throw in TVHM after 5 hours of game play and several bosses later i managed the grand sum of 1 legendary, if i were to be honest i think i had better luck in the normal mode.
IMO i think it would make for a much better experience playing the game through again in TVHM if the drops rate was a little higher not to mention more enjoyable to play.

Activate Mayhem!!

It seems like stating the obvious, but you didn’t mention mayhem mode which is required for decent drop rates. Mayhem 1 is only i think about a 15-20% increase to enemy toughness but has double the loot rate of mayhem off. Start there if you are still a newish player.

Most people on the forum i think have been playing a long time, perhaps since release, and seem to play mayhem 4, but personally i have many hours logged now, some strong gear, and have stayed at mayhem 3 for most of my hours logged.
Mayhem 3 is *6 the drop rates of mayhem off, but mayhem 4 is only *8 drops which is only one third more than M3, yet the enemy toughness on M4 is almost quadruple that of M3. I think mayhem 4 is for people that like to play highly specialised, strong builds, that always use the same gear. Mayhem 3 seems to be more for more people that like to use a variety of weapons, depending on the mayhem mods that are generated in M3, which M4 does not have. Or for players that like to experiment with different builds, changing things every so often, instead of googling for a strong build and making it their goal.

Playing M3, i always have at least 20 weapons in my inventory which i will choose from to gain as much advantage as possible from the buffs that M3 generates, or at least avoid the debuffs as much as possible. M4 does not have these major mayhem mods that M3 has. I guess which one people choose to play for their endgame depends on how they approach and play the game, and what they enjoy from it.

Anyways i recommend you delve into mayhem 1 as a start point if you have not already, and you will find that good drops will start to appear more often. Then you can decide which gear pieces you like the best from what you have found, and gradually work your way up the mayhem levels as you get stronger and more accustomed to playing well.

Lastly, good luck and safe travels with your journey. Whether you are a new player to the Borderlands or already a fan of the franchise, welcome. This game offers a lot to players that find themselves enjoying the experience and might include it as one of their long-term games.
There has already been a major halloween themed ‘season’ which i think lasted a few months (i missed almost all of it), and there is also currently a two-week event in progress which has been dubbed “the farming frenzy event”. Most, if not all, unique (named) enemies have a large drop rate buff atm which makes certain specific items that only they will drop easier to acquire. I think the event also includes a global buff to all drop rates, for the items that are not enemy-specific but are randomly acquired from any source, as well as a huge increase to the chance of any item also having an annointment. Including legendaries.