Lack of Music in Character Selection and Story Mode

In the technical test, beta, and game, neither Character Selection or any of the Story Mode missions include music of any kind.

(Yes, the audio option for music is at 10 and all other options have been turned down/adjusted just to make sure, and yes, my TV is on an appropriate volume level. And I know it’s not just me because I’ve had other friends comment on how oddly quiet the game is and comment on the absence of music.)

Why is there no music? The very long 90 seconds of Character Selection is oddly quiet without any music and hardly any sound at all (save for the occasional character shout-outs). Music would be a great addition for pumping up teams/players before a mission begins.

In story mode, there is only character dialogue (both voice-over and your personal character’s repetitious comments) and the sounds of battle (explosions, powers, gunfire, etc.), but there is no music. Again, why is this? And why is there an audio option for music if there’s no music? It could really heighten the intensity of the battles and prevent some very oddly quiet moments from occurring (such as moments where you’re just traversing the environment or the lulls between waves of enemies). Music could heighten the atmosphere, set the tone, and make the events more epic (after all, this game is “for every kind of badass”), so where’s the “badass” music to go along with everything? The opening prologue had that great song, but that’s really the only music in the entire game. Why? It seems like such a missed opportunity.

In short, where’s the music?


I thought this was odd, I assumed in beta they just didn’t put it in. But the fact that it is still oddly quiet is unfortunate.

I wonder if that’s so you and your teammates can talk strategy? Dunno -_-

Yeah I totally agree with you.
The sound mix is pretty weird. I don’t know its too quite or no music at all.
Especially some epic fights like some of the boss fights, no epic bgm ruined them all :frowning:

Yeah, I understand talking strategy, but if that’s something you’re really concerned about you could just turn down the music from the audio options menu, but there’s no music to turn down right now, haha.