Lack of Physx in dissapointing

No pyhysx is really disapointing, it seems as technology gets upgraded games get downgraded…

  • physx added a cool feeling of realism in bl2, i guess the fact that they knew they were releasing a broken game anything extra would make the game even more of a console port than it already is…

very pathetic

PhysX was by far the worst cause of performance problems in BL2, it was generally for the better to just disable it. Also the way it was implemented meant mostly that the screen was just spammed with sparks and ■■■■ so you couldn’t see anything. I think it’s no loss.


It was fun to turn on for a few minutes but it absolutely tanks performance. I’ve yet to see any system that can push 60+ fps in Bl2 during intense fights with physx turned up.


Borderlands 3 looks five times as good as borderlands 2, and you’re complaining about something that created puddles that looked out of place with the rest of bl2?


my pc handled it just fine, still does now…