Lack of PS4 player etiquette!

I don’t know if it’s just me getting horrendously grumpy in my old age, but it seems to me that since switching to PS4 from PS3, the general etiquette of players joining my game is appalling.

There seems to be a distinct lack of willingness to co-operate and common sense with regards to distribution of loot seems to have gone completely out of the window = If I’m playing as a Psycho and a purple Psycho class mod drops, I at least expect to be able to inspect it and then offer it to someone else if I don’t want it rather than someone playing as a Commando snaffling it without any consideration.

Grumpy rant over.

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It’s not age if you ask me, it’s the lack of communication and cooperation. All that is overlooked, and it’s definitely not the same fun i had when playing on PS3 or is the community any bit same. I’ve joined lobbies since day one on PS4 and not one was enjoyable, it’s all selfish gains people seek from what i’ve noticed or what they could benefit off you. This is after all a co-op based game, beggars can’t be choosers. :sleepy:

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At least I know I’m not on my own!

I don’t think it’s any different randoms are randoms. If communicated with they would more than likely follow the unwritten rules. But you can’t expect everyone to know. I’ve had quiet the opposite experience and have friended a few guys while on PS4.

I’ve had good experiences on TPS, but on BL2, it seems that the majority of people who have joined my game don’t understand the concept of “Co-Op”. Coupled with the fact that it’s very rare to get anyone joining, even when the game is set to public, it makes for a very frustrating experience.

Genuinely don’t recall experiencing the same level of frustration on the PS3, where I made quite a few friends. Just a shame that a lot of them haven’t ported over to the PS4.

When I was looking for random lobbies I was disappointed because the only thing I heard was …,what are you using ? Can you dupe me weapons ? Quite annoying to be honest. Recently I’ve met a few Op8 guys that are cool as hell , we farmed bosses all day yesterday and that “unwritten” rule was never broken as far as loot.

Problem #1 is communication, because PS4 has chat party and PS3 doesn’t, there’s no “hey! What’s that? What you doing?” Because they in they’re own party. Also Gearbox ■■■■■■ up in game chat to where you can’t communicate
Problem #2 is the NEW Borderlands 2 players. They will eventually get it out of their system and grow up

To be fair, I have noticed several times that the in-game chat doesn’t seem to work properly.

I’m sorry to hear this @mrmatt1978, this is precisely the reason why you should play Borderlands (and any other co-op or MMO game for that matter) with friends whenever possible.

Speaking of that, we need to play soon! I somehow don’t see you online much whenever I’m on however. What times do you usually play?

I’m usually on between 5-6am and 8am and then it varies in the evenings but usually on for a good few hours per sitting.

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Oh I see. Maybe we were just unlucky then. I’m almost 72 now, so the big farming will start soon, and I can make other characters for playing at lower levels too…

What level are you now? I have some lower level stuff too if you’re interested, especially for the Psycho…

I saw you were Level 70+ at the weekend, I think.

I’m level 40 now - Got a bit frustrated as I got a little bit stuck due to being under leveled, decided to take a break… and tried out Zero and then realised that he’s just boring, so went back to Kreig and did a ruck of side quests and now I seem to be ok(ish).

Mr matt is on my friends list. We do need to play some mate, plus anyone can add me. Lord_Sylton is my psn id. I enjoy helping others any way i can. I helped a guy out today get some op levels. Got him to op4 before I had to sign off. If anyone does add me plz put borderlands in the message box. All my old friends from ps3 dont play borderlands anymore or most of them at least. I really enjoy this game.

Yeh none of my friends really came across to PS4, bar 1, and all he really wants to do is powerlevel on TPS.

That said all the peeps I’ve met from this forum have been pretty cool.

I have only played on PS4 with people that I know, but I am interested in meeting new people who can teach me new things, and maybe help me out here and there. OP1 siren, and a 33 gunzerker so far. Love the game, just haven’t had the nerve to start joining random parties yet. Add MightyTROGDOR if you’d like to.

@tylarnmn: I’ll add you man.

My PSN is BlackPriest_ITA (silly I know, it goes all the way back to too much love to the Necromancer in Diablo II).

I’m an adult and funny guy with mic, and I have to do the OP levels again too (was OP8 on PS3 but started fresh on PS4).

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I was originally on the xbox360 but starting new on the PS4. Currently I have a 41 Siren and 21ish Commando. I’m also an adult and enjoy the game without the elitist attitude. Add me as well if you’d like. reverendTiG

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The game chat was unusable to me, we switched to party chat and it was GREATLY improved.

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It’s mostly a matter of luck but it does have a lot to do with the loot system on borderlands as well, the Diablo 3 system of seperate loot for each networked player(not couch co-op) works well. Unfortunately etiquette is very much an antiquated term, I’m still trying to figure out what yolo means :slight_smile: You could always start a thread looking for more conscientious players.

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in game chat doesn’t seem to work for several games. sound quality is better for party chat in general.