Lack of stars in maps?

The main thing I notice in Homeworld is that all of the maps have a hardly any stars at all, if any. Is there a reason for that? I think some campaign maps and iron curtain have them though.

It’s because most maps are so full of color and unreal data that stars become irrelevant… It’s one of my biggest complaints. If you want real life backgrounds you have to look through a telescope or watch a Star Wars movie :smiley:

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I honestly love the bright and colorful backgrounds in Homeworld, it gives the game a special atmosphere that is very different from other space games and makes it unique and imho gorgeous to look at.


I don’t really think it looks better…

The black spots should have stars IMO. The nebulae and gas clouds etc., sure, but there are big empty spots with hardly any stars.

It’s a question of exposure - right? Same reason a bright picture of earth from a spacecraft won’t generally show stars - the brightness of subject pushes beyond the threshold for the stars.

Flying through a galactic core filled with super bright gas clouds, near bright planets, etc - would all blow past the stars. And in some maps there are TONS of stars… many added using the stars systems I covered recently in another thread! :slight_smile:


Well, it seems that most of the maps don’t have any stars :confused:

OK, I looked at more maps and it seems quite a few DO have stars… I think they should have more though, especially iron curtain since that seems to be deep space.