Lack of style (Possibly stepping on toes)

Salutations Troops,
Something that has bugged me about Pendles is the lack of style on his appearance.
Pendles isn’t one of my favs but when I play as him it seems the ,Master of, skin is the best choice.
Of the 700 coin skins I don’t like any of them, but, the one shown below could be changed to be BA.
Giving Pendles the look of Kill Bill or Bruce Lee. :wink:

So, instead of this 700 coin skin:

Use the same color palate and do it like these:


But robo Pendles is the best Pendles.

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Haven’t seen a robo skin, what’s it look like?

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Sorry meant cyborg.
I’m extremely tired so apologies for bad communication on my part.

that skin looks so bad in my opinion >-<
If anything pendles needs a Terramorphious skin, but we’re not getting that with the new borderlands skins (sorry if I spelt that wrong)

@wisecarver My toes hurt. Ow!