Lack of the full info for some abilities/items

Okay, so this thread I dedicate to the lack of vital information on some of the abilities/items/etc.

And as a fine example, I’ll use Deande. Her Burst Dash ability to be more precise.
In the description, it is stated that enemies hit by this ability are Weakened, but no info for how long. Now, knowledge of the duration of the Weakening effect is an important thing on it’s own, but it becomes even more important when you reach in-game level 7 and are offered the helix that increases your damage against Weakened enemies.

The question is: How are you supposed to evaluate the usefulness of this helix for you, if you don’t know how long the Weakening effect lasts?

Her ultimate states that it stuns enemies, but doesn’t says for how long.

Phoebe’s legendary item simply states that you get +5% to all damage with each consecutive True Strike. No info about the duration. Is it forever? Is it until you miss your attack? Why there are descriptions that leave me guessing?

The heck, skills are missing one simple and important information piece - their base cooldown. Why?


Cool down is most important I would say

Yes I recently noticed this on Attikus. I played Attikus but couldn’t stun anyone with my leap, yet I was getting stunned by other Attikus’s leaps. Couldn’t figure out why until recently. Would be nice to know these types of things

Agreed, there are several characters with vague abilities like that. Or even some items, like I have a legendary shield item that stacks attack damage while you have full shield… does that mean the stacks disappear as soon as you take shield damage or they are permanent until you die and re-earn them?