Ladies and gents, prepare yourself

Alani also has the “Kill Ambra 25 times” lore, may god have mercy on the poor souls who pick Ambra for the next few weeks. After 2 weeks from release I was able to finally complete Galilea’s but completing it with Alani is going to be more of a challenge. Not only that the fact people are going to pick Alani before you even queue into the character selection screen is gonna make it so that it takes far longer to complete.

People have already been complaining about this quite a bit for the past few days. Welcome to the party kiddo.

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Here’s the positive side to this: Even if you assist, you still get credit.

I JUST avenged a teammate while Ambra was low on HP and it specifically said assist. I got credit. My very first. I’m already 15 with everything else done so that was a big deal to me.

I hate that it’s ambra too the girl with the f*cking stupid over shield get out of jail free card

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Ok, lets skip to the part that, “PLEASE NERF ALANI”.

Assists count now too? Cuz I swear, I’d have a bit more of WF’s lore done if that were the case. Slippery invisible OMs…

Alani is fine as she is right now

Of course she is.

Glad you agree mate

Glad you agree with what I agree. Would you like to go out for a drink? We got a lot to discuss.

Lol sure

Q: Do you guys know if there is a way to use Private PvP modes and complete this Alani Lore with the bots?
(I only play Public Story mode and want to be positive about this.)

I haven’t tested it but I’m going to

You can’t. challenges and achievements can’t be earn in Private pvp

Well sh*t it’s gonna be hard to find an ambra and even harder to kill one

Actually I think it has always been that way…when I was doing Mellka’s “Punching the Darkness” I was feeling really jaded when I saw that I still had like 30 to go smh. Queued up for a pub story and noticed the notification indicating how many more I had to go but I hadn’t killed anything I know this because I had just died staring at the Varelsi responsible. At first I just chalked it up to lag or a bug. But when I finished the match feeling confident I got about 10 out of the way, there it was completed. The only thing that makes sense is that it was counting my assist. I just started using WF gonna test further to confirm.

JoeKGBX said that the groups is looking into it. Maybe they’ll change it or modify it.

…I’ve got at least 30 friends on Steam right now that are really mad about this and one of them is looking into each of us just being a sacrificial goat, I’ll be Ambra, you kill me, you be Ambra, etc. Seems silly but it will calm everyone down.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan but we only play public Story mode, which I believe is our right.

a lore challenge that has you kill an enemy type, like varelsi or Jennerit are extremely easy. Assists for things like that count for lore in PvE.

But I know for a fact when you have to kill specific battleborn, it has to be pvp and assists do NOT count.

Anyone Else Find That Alani shares one of the same lore’s with Galilea - “KILL AMBRA 25 TIMES” - The lore is doable but in my opinion is retarted and uncalled for. As far as i know Ambra is the only hero targeted this way which mean hardly anyone now will want to play her making this lore for either Alani or Galilea one hell of a dumb ass grind fest.