Ladies and gents, prepare yourself

Dear @Jythri , after a fully focused and dedicated week I max ranked Alani to 15 last night, and while having thoroughly enjoyed every moment along the way - Alani is a BLAST! and so is at last having unlocked Eye Of The Ultra-Hurricane so that I now can taunt everybody that hasn’t yet :dukegoof: - I must agree with the other posters here.

Perhaps not for the same reasons, such as Ambra being a target x 2 or the number of times it has to occur (btw 25 imo suggests not difficulty but savagery), but because it simply makes me feel … uncomfortable.

In PVP, killing others is the name of the game and sometimes somebody will awaken my wrath so that I make it my mission to kill that PERSON as many times as possible during a match (y’all know what I mean …) but directing us into, again and again and again, killing a fellow CHAR is unpleasant.

Please, reconsider that part of the (any) lore challenge.


I dunno, I only recently unlocked Ambra and I like how she plays and dueling Alanis and Galileas is fun and regularly killing Raths that wander into the explosion radius of my ult aimed at the would-be Ambra killers. Gear specced for shield boosts make Ambra a viable tank, it gives me a challenge, and since all of her Lore is tied to using all of her skills aggressively… Come at me, sis.
If I can level while giving others a chance to grind Lore, so be it.

Congrats on unlock. However, in this case, fun for you is not fun for me.

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Fair enough. Perhaps a better-achievable but still thematically-fitting task can be devised instead for the kill-a-target tasks, especially as the roster expands.

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It’s ridiculous that Alani has to kill Ambra 25 times for a lore challenge for a few reasons. One, they now have two battleborn with the same lore challenge just with different numbers. Second, they’ve nerfed Ambra a lot so nobody wants to play as her because she gets demolished if she’s alone. Finally, the number of kills on her is way to high especially for two support classes to be going against each other.
All in all, the lore challenge is really annoying for both Ambra and Alani players because now no one will want to play as Ambra as long as they’re going to be tracked down by two different battleborn, and because Ambra has been nerfed so much to the point where she’s almost ineffective.

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I’ve said this in a few places now. I agree. We’re doing a lot of things all at once now and we get another kill challenge through. We’re looking at how we can patch these quickly, how we patch them long term, and how we adjust our design philosophy here to move away from these types of challenges.

I especially agree that targeting so much hate at poor Ambra is too much.

Quickly - we’re looking how we can reduce numbers.

Mid-term - we’re looking at adding “kill or assist killing” to all of the kill challenges to make them much easier.

Long-term - I would like to move completely away from more kill challenges for specific characters. We may have one more character in-flight now that m ight have slipped through with a kill challenge. We will at least lower the number before it lands.

The biggest challenge for the short term is lowering the number while still attributing successful completion of the challenge to players who have higher than the new lower number. We would hate for you to miss your challenge completion altogether, so we’re being careful with how we proceed here.


Buffing Ambra would be a simple stopgap for 90% of the complaints about the issue, though? Unless there’s gear or turret disparity, 1v1 for Galilea or Alani vs Ambra is always a dead Ambra (though depending on the level, with a near-death or DoT from-the-grave dead opponent). That doesn’t motivate Ambra players much, yes?

Agreed, I wouldn’t say poor Ambra since so few play her since her range nerfs. If you lowered it to 10 or so it might be ok atm, but I rarely see an Ambra so it’s just nuts.

Tx, a most appreciated response! :dukeaffirmative:

I am getting a “Nerf kuni/cloudkill, buff money shot” feeling from this post. And I approve.

The main reason I do not agree with these challenges is that is singles players out of otherwise team based verses matches. Galilea, Alani, Wiskey Foxtrot they will all forget the game type the moment they see there prey. Its even worse to be on the receiving end of it all. Sometimes people just say screw it and leave. My friend did this exact thing and the ambra left the capture match after 2 minutes and 4 deaths. I probably would have just sat in nova myself at that point.

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Any chance you could just convert the Kill challenges to " Win against X, X many times?" It would keep with the spirit of the game, that being teamwork, far better than the " Kill X, X many times" or even " Get X assists, against X, X many times"

These kills and future assists challenges sadly will mainly encourage the lone wolf mentality. The mind set of " I’ll sacrifice myself to kill/damage X in hopes that someone else can kill X for my challenge progress". That’s just simply how these challenges end up being met and its why people get all the more frustrated at failing to kill/assist against X than normally.

But what if its “Win against X, X many times”? Then the whole 'Lone wolf" mentality quickly gets curbed. Players will emphasize on team work, possibly even more than usually when they see X on the enemy team. Gaining wins is best through team work, so if that’s tied to the challenge via “Win against X” then players would get to continue to play as they normally do instead of going Rambo and sacrificing themselves to try and Kill X, as they currently are practically forced to do as of now.

@JoeKGBX, wouldn’t mind hearing how you think about this as well. The whole replacing " Kill X, X many times" with " Win against X, X many times"


These are good ideas to be sure and not that far removed from what we been discussing so far. I think we might be on to something! :slight_smile:


I’m delighted to hear a response and happy to see you’ve found it. I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if such ideas were already being tossed around in the think tank over there, but it couldn’t hurt to make sure such ideas are known.

I personally find its a fair compromise. It retains the flavor of the challenge “X having a vendetta against X” with out impeding on the game’s teamwork by encouraging people to sacrificing themselves to try and kill someone else, which would impede the rest of their team’s chances of winning. Which is how I strongly feel that " Kill X, X many times" currently encourages.

Everybody wins, would be my theory.

Wish me luck guys…I’m still need 13 more Ambra kills at the moment. I bet most people avoid picking Ambra because of being targeted by 2 specific characters…and don’t forget she got nerfed not too long ago either.

My Husband and I have talked about how we wish this was the lore challenge already. It would just make more sense and, as you said, lead to teamwork to flat out win the match instead of constantly hunting them down. I think logically, it should be win 5 matches against X, to go in line with the “Play 5 matches with X” lore bits for some characters.

let’s not forget abput toby either

I love the idea of promoting faction VS faction play omg that would make for some sick challenges! It would promote more in game chat discussion as well as more pre made groups of 5 XD

Example: Lead a team of Eldrid to victory against a team with one or more LLC members.

That would be dare I say Badass!

Well Toby is kind of a different case. Double Kill is not perticulerly hard especially when its literally what Core discharge is ment to do ( Kill/ burn down large enemies) It dose still lend to that solo mentality though, “Hey why did you steal my kill you A hole I needed that for lore!”

Still its not to bad seeing as you can go out and find others for a pre made and then work on lore together online then at that point it is just a matter of finding the opportunity. Personally I think Incursion is where Toby should live as he kicks so much butt at it if you have a good handle on him.

The last thing this game needs is more premade teams of 5 playing in public servers.