Lady Aurelia's Etiquette Guide to TPS Multiplayer

My Dear Public,

It has come to my attention that we are in dire need of some basic etiquette rules for tasteful & fun multiplayer experiences in our beloved game. Please bear in mind that I enjoy my game on the PlayStation so our rules may need to be altered for those who play at computer monitors (?) or on children’s toys (the XBox?) I’m sure thoughtful readers will respond appropriately if needed. I must also note that, because I’m rich, I have superb hard-wired Internet and thus host public games often. As more of you, hopefully, learn my rules and abide by them I may surprise you by joining your game! Now, down to the basics!

  1. This Lady gets quite annoyed at players who come in and feel compelled to ‘pop’ open quests (those !'s on the map). Understand that I have my own reasons they are not popped. For courtesy’s sake, please leave them alone.

  2. Strangely (but thankfully not too often), some players enter my game and do nothing but stand at the spawn point (or bring a static mule), hoping for free XP? Please, my work is hard enough & I’m looking for help, certainly not doing the work for you!

  3. While I understand that those who are not as rich as I may not be able to afford a headset, communication is still valuable … and fun! On my PlayStation, one can also send little text messages, if the need arises. But, dears, if you game sound bleeds into your microphone, know that’s quite annoying so turn down the game sound.

  4. If I present a contract to you, know that it’s for our mutual benefit – just hand slap it (called ‘melee’ by my brethren Vault Hunters). Some of those poor Claptrap units also have multiplayer enhancement options when you “High-five” them (melee) – do it (if presented reasonably)!

  5. Sadly, some rather unschooled individuals join and immediately ask for drops or power leveling. Really? For a total stranger? I will assist you if I determine you are a reliable worker and that takes time. As is sometimes crudely put – ‘show me whatcha got’ (i.e., assist me) first.

Thanks you so much for your attention!



Huge annoyance when someone jumps in my UVHM games on any toon and immediately starts popping quests on the other side of the map.

Even worse when they start chasing down a different objective than the one I’m working on.

Seriously lol if you wanted to do that mission so badly do it in your own game…I’ve had to kick more players than I can count for just not having common sense.

I’ve said it before but if you want to keep all the raid sentinel loot for yourself, do us a favor and beat him yourself. Don’t boot all of us who helped you right before he goes down.


THIS, also.

Thus is actually worse than the dudes accepting quests I was saving. I can write off Joe-quest-grabber as being trying to be helpful, but the guys that do this are just a-holes. I report and flag every time someone pulls this shenanigan

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heh - love it. Maybe add something like, “It’s cute when you 99%ers think you’re being generous when you litter the streets with counterfeit gear in an effort to be nice, but I only use Pandora’s finest, purest weaponry, so please keep that rubbish away from me.”

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This, more than anything else.

I stopped doing random co-op after the first time this happened to me in BL2.

I just found it hard to find random people to even play with…

  1. HOLY CRAP THIS IRRITATES ME SO MUCH! People, you need to realize, if a host opens up their game, they are still in control. Shadow the host. If they move somewhere on the level, you should be following them. Unless the host is lost or it’s understood that it’s better to split up for a certain mission. The host should initiate travel unless it’s faster for someone else to do so.

Quit accepting missions that nobody wants to do. I’m not the type of person to suddenly want quest reward items at lvl 50, so this doesn’t bother me as much, but I’m sure it does to other people on TVHM. Also, it clogs up my mission log.

Only accept sidequests if A) you know the host is doing a completionist run or B) the host has asked you to so.

  1. Annoying if you need everyone to pull their own weight. I think it adds a nice challenge but that’s unfair to everyone else so I still agree.

  2. I play on PC, so the communication is a lot easier. But even then, I don’t think strong communication is necessary. After playing with a few different people, it should be easy to coalesce with any team.

  3. Holy crap, this too! If you’ve only ever played as one character and haven’t beaten normal yet, you are excused. Same with Claptrap’s High Five Guys! skill. Whenever I revive you, I will immediately ask for a high five so we can kill faster. And people just stare.

  4. I don’t care if people want to power level. I do care when people pop in to a game and go “HAVE ALL MY STUFF THAT TOTALLY ISN’T LEGIT”. I get it, not everyone can sink hours in to the game. But it’s not hard finding decent quality items. Please don’t ruin the integrity of the game and if you feel the need to cheat, keep it to yourself, on your own game, and stay out of co-op.

Other reminders for good co-op:
Ammo. Hold down whatever button you use to pick items up. It grabs all the ammo, which is given to everyone. It literally benefits everyone and it’s better than repeatedly pushing the same button several times when once will suffice.

Revival. People, I seriously don’t buy the “I wasn’t paying attention” shtick. It takes a split second to glance at everyone’s health bar. If they are at 10% health and no shields, start moving over. It’s amazing how much ground you can cover to reach people.

Similar note, if you have a powerful cryo weapon, fire off a few shots on the closest enemy to a downed player. I appreciate you coming over to revive me, but it’s almost always slightly better for me to get the kill and get myself back up. Or, if you know the average DPS of your weapon, weaken a few enemies then come revive.

Speedruns. Goes back to shadowing the host. I enjoy playing the game at all levels. It doesn’t suddenly get more fun at lvl 50 or 62. Why do so many people rush once they hit Vorago Solitude? There’s still enemies to fight. Don’t rush ahead just for the sake of advancing the story. If I’m the host, I do a fair mix of main missions and sidequests. I don’t do completionist runs so I wont drag you through every single sidequest. I’m familiar with which quests are fun, which have enemies to fight, and which quests have good rewards. I will make sure all sidequests are enjoyable. I’m not trying to set the record for lowest lvl while completing the game. Stick with me please, and we’ll work together to create an awesome bloodbath.

Rant over.

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this guy! if i join others lobbies i will shadow host or wait for everyone. if a legendary drops i will snatch it up and immediately try to give to host before the others take it. i also dislike joining a lobby and the host is just sitting there in a menu so people who join cant do anything. if you need to leave the controller turn the game to a closed lobby if it is gonna be more than just a couple of minutes. i have seen the same guy two days in a row sitting in an open lobby in a menu! IN THE SAME SPOT!!

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That doesn’t bug me. Actually I like the multitasking of this.

Huge annoyance when someone jumps in my UVHM games on any toon and immediately starts popping quests

But yes. This bugs me. Used to bug me a lot in BL2’s sanctuary when I was trying to save quests for level 50.

Another thing that happened that was odd… I was playing shock drop slaughter pit. Someone joined my game. In the middle of the wave he tries to exit the map. I stopped it quickly enough. He left. He came back. I finished the mission shortly after. He hits the map exit again. I let him this time. I figure that maybe he wants to show me something. Then he hits another map exit. Back to triton flats (and not using the fast travel). Ugh. Ok I’m still letting him choose where to go. Then he takes us to Red Bellys map and then he leaves my game. Still puzzles me why. Maybe he had to go. But it would have been nice to not have wasted my time. I made the most of it and farmed Red Belly.

Give that guy a break. Maybe he went to 7-11 and died on the way? Ok. kind of a bad joke but yeah…

No I know when you mean. What’s worse is when I’m the host trying to exit a map and jackasses keep opening up their backpack or the shops. I’m pretty good about it too. I try it once. 15 to 30 seconds later I try again. Then I give you 10 seconds. 5 seconds. And if I’m at a regular map exit I start spamming the x button. Fast travel exits can be harder though because you have to choose your destination every time.

Yes to the backpack thing. The vending machine gets a pass, but please don’t take forever. If it’s time to travel, close whatever menu you have up, then re-open it AFTER traveling.

If I’m in someone else’s game, as soon as travel is initiated, I immediately close the backpack, no ifs ands or buts.

If I’m the host, I will try and wait until everyone is visibly ready. However, if one person seems to be lollygagging, I will initiate it. It will then say “so and so is in a menu”. I wait 5 seconds and try again. If by the 5th time you are still in the menu, you get the boot.

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