Lady Fist Farming

Hey all, where can we farm for a Lady Fist? The only thing I’ve been able to find so far is that McNally dropped it during the loot hunt, but we’ve killed him over 50 times and have only gotten two Hammer Busters out of it so I’m guessing he only dropped it during the hunt.

We’re looking for one with zoom for tasty, head-splody goodness.

Thanks much!

McNally only drops the Hammer Buster. The only way to get the Lady Fist in the game is as a reward from the Uncle Teddy mission and you can only get it once per playthrough. The only way you can get it multiple times in a single playthrough is through trading with other players. There is a way of farming for perfect prefixes, parts and elements, though. Once you complete the mission, don’t turn it in. Save the game first by passing a save point and then turn it in, but don’t accept the reward immediately. Instead, just take a look at it and check if it has the prefix, element and parts that you want. If it doesn’t, dashboard out of the game. That means a force-quit without saving. Once you reload the game, you’ll still have the mission completed and you can turn it in again. Repeat this process over and over until you get the Lady Fist you want.


Damn, that’s what I was afraid of. Thanks for the well-detailed info!

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I got a bucket of them from tabbing out and/or visiting the stash and then overwriting my save to start fresh but keep the gun. Ar least youre guaranteed one each time unlike some other farming runs. Kept the redundant shock one. One of those guns that stays in my backpack full time. Worth it. Same technique got me my quiver of sandys.

I’ve seen someone farming multiple quest rewards by marking his save file as read only and stashing all loot in claptrap’s secret stash since it appearently uses another save file. Have not tried it myself however, not yet.

Yes, the contents of the stash are saved in your profile, not in your save game. I do this trick on certain “one shot” quest rewards to make sure I don’t get unusable garbage on my one chance. Plus, if you have your mules remove some items and sell them, it’s a far faster way to farm cash for them than taking them out and grinding for it.