Lady Fist in the Pre-Sequel?

I’m not sure if these Wikia sights are reliable sources, but on the page for the Lady Fist it says it’s in the Empyrean Sentinel’s loot pool. Is this true? Is it in there, but just unobtainable? Thanks in advance.

Edit: if you click the Lady Fist link, it’s under the Trivia section.

Its not, (and even if it is its not able to be dropped) itll most likely remain unobtainable until they decide to do a shift event, as was the case with the JackOCannon and the Boomacorn.

It doesn’t drop in the game.
One of many reasons the wiki is not to be trusted.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking. I was just creepin’ on gfaqs, someone posted about Hyperion pistols and I clicked on the link for the Lady Fist and saw that. I have four lv. 70’s, so I’ve killed him my fair share of times. Definitely didn’t think it could drop, I was just wondering if it was in his pool though (but cannot be obtained).

Well, GBX, please make this available at some point. My Aurelia would love a cryo Lady Fist!

Please Gearbox, DON’T make this gun available as it will make the whole game ridiculously easy and simply kill the game.


We do need more weapons in this game though. There really aren’t any brokenly OP weapons like there were in BL2. In some ways its a good thing, but it also makes things a little boring as well.

Besides, its not like they can’t drop the crit bonus to pre-loot hunt levels if not lower. Even 150% or 200% would be enough. They could even do other stat changes like lowering the mag size and fire rate, or locking it to one element.

Its not like they have to bring it back exactly as it was. Any new piece of gear will be worth it at this point. You’ve seen the buzz around the boomacorn, and I’m sure you remember how radically builds were changed when CV came out with glitch weapons and new legendaries. We need more of that.

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Oh, I completely agree: MOAR GUNZZ!!!
just not the lady fist :smile:
And instead of tweaking it to make it balanced, why not give us entirely new stuff ? :slight_smile:

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Also unless guns make horse noises I don’t want them

“Let’s go make horse noises and kill things” - Derch 2015

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Perfect loadout: Boomacorn, Boganella, Cutie Killer, that Oz kit that makes fart noises and the MORQ.

AA and the boomacorn is kinda broken in a hilarious way, skip to 20 mins to see Iwa get killed with a sonic boom of boomacorn

I would love it if we got new stuff, but besides the unobtainables, I doubt they’ll put entirely new guns in the game at this point in its life cycle.

One can dream though…

BTW, why hasn’t Gearbox made the Frostfire avilable past normal? It really irritates me that there is a weapon we can only get once, even if it isn’t TG or anything. Can’t they put it in someone’s loot pool or make it world drop like the Deadly Bloom?

The game is already easy; you really think one gun would make a difference? You could always just, you know, not use it.

But anyway, please close thread, my question has been answered. And there is no further need for discussion.

Yes, a tremendous difference.

*For Nisha :stuck_out_tongue:

Closed by OP’s request