Lady Fist vs. Tinder Snowflake

The Lady fist pistol is really something…Unfortunately I discovered that recently and had a blast with it since then…

Am I the only one here who didn’t know you could shoot his candy cane spear out of the air?

If you think that’s good, put a jakobs shotgun in your left hand instead of a second lady fist. Money Shot + a two-shot jakobs shotgun and a lady fist in the main hand is incredibly strong.


Well I was trying out different build and considering I dont use the monyshot and other things its a pretty good weapon if you ask me…and its also easy to get

If I’m not mistaken a grog would add more crit damage to the main lady fist, also it would provide health.

Iam not sure about the crite damage but it’ll surely provide you with health…but as I you can see you dont need it

Oh,dude.Lady Fist always win.High critic damage boost.Best pistol in the game,I think.It can be very effective with a right build.Good job

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