Lady Hammerlock may be rich, but she is not evil

I was really happy with how they wrote her reaction to the scientists being blasted out of the airlock.

She was not happy with it and that makes me happy. After playing Nisha and Wilhelm who enjoyed the evil or were at best indifferent it is nice to have a change of pace.


I’m noticing this as well. She’s amoral, but actually really uncomfortable with outright evil, being like Tim, in that she starts outright defying and insulting Jack halfway through the story, and saying how she’s NOT okay with what happened to Felicity, the scientists, etc, and from thereon out, just telling Jack to stop talking to her, and she’s gonna be gone before Jack goes supervillain, rather than stick around with the sinking ship.


Good to hear - I know this is a video game, but Nisha and Wilhelm’s reactions really bothered me (and I won’t even play the Doppleganger because of the resemblance to Jack, though I know he doesn’t approve either…)

I thought all rich people are evil…hm…


They are. Tassiter is the most polite one to ever exist :wink: