Lady Hammerlock not working

So I’ve got the season pass and have not had any issues downloading the added content through the games page until Lady Hammerlock.First off it says it is installed, it’s not I’ve checked the storage of the 360 where shockdrop, holodrome and Jack dlc all show up. When I try to download her dlc through the game page it says the file is only 108 kb I thought that was strange, checked the actually market place to see how big it is supposed to be. (~188mb for anyone curious) I’m definitely not purchasing the dlc through market place as I have already bought the season pass -.-’ Hammerlock is the only dlc that is screwed up like this for me, in fact as I type this I’m downloading The new claptrap dlc (part 1, which showed up as 2Gb as it should) I just want to play the baroness! Help Me gearbox, you’re my only hope lol

Same exact thing is happening to me…can’t find any info on how to fix it…

Just a random thought, but do either of you have more than one storage device connected to your 360 while all this is going on?

For Lady Hammerlock, I believe the extra file data was in the compatibility pack. I needed both that and the small Lady Hammerlock file to play her. Now that the new compatibility pack is out, not sure what you need to do. Do you have the compatibility pack that came out with her? If not, maybe you need the latest one. It is pretty big 636mb or there about. The one that came with Lady Hammerlock was about 370mb.

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No other storage device…just the hard drive…

Can’t speak for the other person but I’ve only got a single storage device for my 360. Plus it wouldn’t really add up since all the other dlc downloaded where it was supposed to fine, I can’t see how it would wind up anywhere else without me connecting amother storage device

Oh man! I’ll try this tomorrow and hopefully it works!

Downloaded the 637 MB Compatibility Pack and then she became available when I picked New Game…

I backed out of the character selection and dashboarded out of the game and checked my hard drive…no Lady Hammerlock on the hard drive…

So, is she like bundled with the compatibility pack, now? And needs the 108 kb download to unlock?

Yes, I believe so. When Jack came out, the same thing happened. Eventually they released a separate Jack download but he was originally in the compatibility pack like Lady Hammerlock.

At least the resources (character skins, animations, etc) would have been in the compatibility pack already, as that’s the only way someone without the character can play on-line with someone using her. (Same applies to Jack, also Gaige and Krieg in BL2).


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@happyjack is a hoopy frood who really knows where his towel is!

Hope you enjoy her as much as I did. Fantastic mobbing character with some great dialogue.