Lady Hammerlock subcategory?

You would think there would be a subcategory already but perhaps we need to request one?

Can the admins create a category for Lady Hammerlock please as we start to play her and find interesting things to discuss?



They’ll add a category. We don’t have to request one. IIRC the admins are a little busy atm.

Btw: This isn’t news.

I realize they are busy, I thought it strange there was not a subcategory before now.

Sorry for putting this in the wrong category, myself. Anyway for a basic user to move on the new boards?


No, but I got you moved.

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Thanks, @Kitty_Jo


Her sub-cat has been created, however its not showing on TPS page. Does this direct link work for you?


It does indeed work.

thanks, again

Hey @Kitty_Jo,

it seems the sub-category is existent, at least when you click on the drop down menu of all sub-cat’s at the top of the forums while being in a sub-cat. It just at the end of the list. It also doesn’t show up on the TPS main category page.

yes it does. indeed. (character limits make tiny posts short posts)