Lag and connection issues

As a PS4 player, I am enjoying the game very much since its launch date, but I encounter bad connection problems since a solid week. A game out of 3 sees me in red, lagging so bad I can’t play at all. You can get I am frustrated by this situation. I just switched provider and I am now VDSL, 60m dl, 20 ul, I live in Glasgow UK so I can not blame my network or location. On top of it really sensitive games I play like Rocket League or SFV runs without any lag. Battleborn does. Massively. And according to the signal on the score screen in game I am not the only one. Since last week battleplan, lots of players have poor signal quality.
I can’t find any topic more recent than mid april.

Is something new happened with GB servers?
Am I so unlucky I get connected to a super-far server and so can’t play this game, whatever the time in the day I try? If so, could we have an option to be able to choose the location of the server (US, EU, Asia), or at least to see it?

I don’t complain of balance or matchmaking time (that is really fast to me, <3 min), but I would just understand what to do to actually play the game I bought?

Idk. I haven’t had any problem. 80 down 40 up. You might just be unlucky.