Lag and terror with Zane

So I finally put to use all the terror gear I collected… all self found except the infamous face puncher. The idea is to gain speed and terror and fire a lot of extra projectiles resulting in pain and lag xD.

I use barrier and sntl. Not sure if it is best to use nanites or charged relay as both benefits my build.
Please make suggestions to improve this first draft, I ve already run the slaughter shaft m4 smoothly so I know there is potential

I have two of those other one corrosive

ammo regen does not prevent reload but give extra shots

more bang for your terror

terror proc AND berserk proc!


Extra projectile when terrified is glitched. It stacks and stays permanently. So if you’re going that route, you don’t really need the terror arfer a while.

Personally I love using the clone and with a terror setup you can just give him the FP and have something with “melee gives terror” on it.

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Whaaat? ok everything fun is bugged in this game Lol I saw that the relic effect is bugged and my facepuncher becomes a brainstormer permanently . I did not notice about the projectiles rather hard to see in the visual cluster f fest.

Do you mean that the annoitment terror on melee work with the clone? Interesting

You have to have it on a nade or shield and give the clone a facepuncher. Facepuncher with add terror by melee 25% won’t work by itself on clone you need the anoint on one of your items.

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I see

Btw Fear monger does not seem to work with Playing Dirty anyone knows something about that?

It doesn’t surprise me, accuracy bonuses don’t affect it either. It’s pellet count / spread seem to be completely fixed aside from getting extra pellets via Terror stacks.

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