Lag/Button Locking up

I’m not sure where the problem lies, whether server lag or game glitch, my guess is a glitch.

In 3 different games today, my buttons will lock up in whatever condition they were in from the lock. If I was basic attacking, I won’t stop. If I’m charging an arrow as Thorn, I’ll never be able to release it. That sounds like simple lag, but the weird part is that I can still do anything else that wasn’t pressed at the time. If I was stationary at the time of charging the arrow, I can still move, jump, spin, cast abilities. I’ll just never let go of the arrow.

Sometimes it’s ok because as Phoebe, constantly basic attacks isn’t really a bad thing. But if I was strafing at the time, it’s a real pain to never stop moving to my left.

Anyone else having this issue? I have a Logitech keyboard and mouse and use LGS. I know they introduced Arx support with this patch so I wonder if that has something to do with it.

I’m having the same issue.

Since the patch now and than the keys lock and i move constantly the direction i was moving . When this happens all I can do is looking around with my mouse. but I can’t change the direction I am moving or anything else like shooting. And I get to hear some sort of “beeping”-Sound. At the moment I play Toby.

I have a Logitech Orion Spark, but I am playing with a Razer Orbweaver.

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The beeping to me sounds like when the computer is receiving too many inputs. The generic “stop mashing the keyboard” kind of thing. I have the same keyboard as you, but a G600 mouse. Have you had issues with your mouse yet? I definitely have, so if it’s only your keyboard I’ll put money on it being an LGS issue.

I just tested it after closing LGS and had no issues. So apparently something with the Arx screwed things up.

I’ve had this problem a couple of times but only playing as Galilea - just releasing the button and slowly clicking it a couple of times seems to fix it just fine.

I tested the click and release a few times. It’s a full lock up, not just a button confusion. Just finished a 3rd game with no issues so I know it’s a bug with LGS and the game.

That’s weird, because I’m currently playing on a laptop with my Logitech G700s plugged in, and LGS running smoothly. Heck, I dunno, I’m not an expert at these things.

A G700 doesn’t have Arx but the keyboard does. Chronicaldeath and I have the keyboard so that might be where it comes from.

Yeah, I guess you’re probably right. I dunno.

Do you still have problems with the keys lockiing?

After updating the logitech gaming software the problem seems to be fixed for me. So far i had no more problems while playing. Logitech gaming software is now version 8.88.30

Maybe this will fix your problems as well.

Just updated LGS and first Op I went into I had the same issue. Which really sucks when you’re Thorn and can’t stop charging your arrow.