Lag in multiplayer

Friend and I sat down to play some HW remasters MP but the lag was game breaking.

Has anyone experienced this before?

Do you know how to fix it?

Or is it just an issue with it being beta?


Probably problems with the connection of one of you two, Homeworld uses an old netcode that relays a lot on players connection, so if one of you two have a unstable connection it will lag for both, and it will lag a lot, pretty sure it is not a server issue. The only thing that can be done is close all downloading sources during the game, that includes someone sucking your wifi.

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You’ve left out a LOT of basic & key information that we’d need to help you in any major way. My questions:

What are the full hardware specifications for both you and your friend?

Are your graphics drivers and other software updated to the newest versions?

Do you have sufficient bandwidth? What are your upload and download speeds?

Were you playing the vanilla game? Without any mods?

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Don’t forget the “are you playing on a LAN” question too.

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