Lag in singleplayer

I’ve been attempting some single player runs of the levels with unorthodox characters however I’ve been getting horrific lag. This seems ridiculous, I can barely move let alone aim, could someone explain why this is happening?

Same has happened to me on PS4. My best bet is that they’re supplying less resources for private 1-player matches because this is a free open beta. Not sure how you go about that though.

This doesn’t happen to me on PS4. I play Private Story Mode and never have lag but my connection where I live is really good too.

It most likely has to do with your connection to the server and not the server itself. There could be many explanations…

Yeah, it seems to be a one time thing as I did it a couple of times before and I just started it again before and it’s working better. Not sure what caused it tough as multiplayer was fine.

I was getting horrific lag in splitscreen, for the first couple of days, but it is fine now.

I think there was actually a problem with split screen. Also, a few days ago PSN was having issues. PSN seems to have a lot of issues. Remember though, this is a beta, you will experience intermittent issues. Some of the time it could be because they are tweaking things or testing various things.

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