Lag issue with The Algorithm

Why is it every time I have a lag spike at the Galactic Emperor boss fight area, I always disconnect?

At first I thought it was a coincidence since my internet was kinda being laggy at the time, and the weather was rainy, but every time I’d get lag spikes I’d come out of them in 5 seconds or so.

Now, everytime I reach the Galactic Emperor in a session where I’ve hit some lag spikes, I just disconnect and lose all my progress. It’s kind of absurd I’m starting to think it’s not just a coincidence anymore. The dialogue doesn’t even play. As soon as I walk up to the platform with the power-stand, I’d hit a lag spike and I eventually just disconnect.

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Have you tried turning Physics all the way down?

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Unfortunately, no.

Did you get this sorted already?
What platform are you on? Can you try to fix the game install, it seems more like some corrupted files (freeze and crash) or something, not lag.

On PS4. Haven’t done Algorithm and crashed since. But I’ve only played Algorithm once since then.

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