Lag on borderlands 2

I’m having a small issue with borderlands 2 for Xbox One. The Pre sequel runs smooth as silk, even with 3 other people in the game… However, BL2 is noticeably leggy…almost more so than the 360 version. I was just wondering if anybody could help me with my situation. Thanks!

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Same here, I’ve tried just about everything to get this to work properly (even buying the whole game on the marketplace again). I somehow got it to work for about 3 hours until I quit the game, since then it has been constantly laggy.

Same. Got it working for about an hour, quit to pick up my lil bro, came back and back to the 20 fps.

Try going to the menu with your character there and turn your xbox off. After 10 minutes turn it back on and go back on the game and it should be more stable, that’s what I do

Me.and a few others have run I to this issue as well. We have discovered some fixes but nothing is guaranteed

we have more solution in the thread