Lag? or hitbox hackers?

see this with ghalt all the time when i play as marquis.

u could literally have ur crosshair on him and press the shoot button but some how u will miss ur shot.

idk if this is caused by lag or the player cheating somehow… but its honestly really annoying and its one of the main reasons i mainly play melee in this game.

anyone else seem to have problems with your bullets registering?

i wish i had video proof of this in slow mo or something…

i mean… ghalt is a huge guy… and ive played fps games for 15 years… i think i should be able to snipe a fat and slow moving target likre him pretty easy.

but its like u get 3 shots in a row on him then the 4th and 5th shots doesnt land even tho u know ur crosshair was on him (HES HUGE! SO EASY TO HIT!)

just wondering if any1 else experience this?

oh well… kinda disspointing tbh… back to rath for now.

doesnt happen all the time btw… and i find it quite odd that its always ghalt or alani that i have problems hitting… no1 else

This is a problem with all ranged characters, from time to time. At least the ones who have semi automatic weapons. Most noticeable to me with Ghalt, I’ve completely given up playing as him, honestly.
I’ts also much more apparent in PvE since enemies don’t move that much so you can actually see how ridiculous the hit detection gets.
I saw a video of a Marquis player shooting a Thrall Brute in the head, he was obviously aiming right at the Thrall but his hits didn’t register at all. No indication of hitting his target.

I’d blame it on some sort of lag, but it could be some other problem with the game. Doubt hitbox hacks exist for Battleborn, though I could be wrong.

Pretty sure it’s just lag.

I notice it mostly with Mellka’s reload canister. It’s a single-shot and puts a distinct red outline around players it hits.

With the gun, it’s a bit more nebulous. There’s a lot of bouncing and jumping and shooting, and the bullets are invisible… so if I fire 10 shots and 7 or 8 hit, eh, seems about right. Maybe lag made me miss a few but hit a few others.

But the poison canister reload thing launches an easy-to-see grenade, and it causes a very visible green explosion where it lands. When it clearly hits on an opponent, and no red-outline shows up, it’s irksome.

I think this is the video you mean:

I’ve seen a similar video for PVP and Ghalt’s ultimate too.

(by the way, it startled the hell out of me when the guy speaks toward the end of the video clip, hah!)


Ghalt’s “ultimate”, or as I call it, 'tis time to switch from pellets to marshmallows. I like to take the fire dot helix to make sure they’re well roasted, it’s the best way to enjoy marshmallows!

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lol yup… exactly what im talking about…

ten times more annyoing in pvp… cuz they get away and heal back to 100% hp and u dont get a kill… when u shoulda got the kill…

hope they can fix somehow…

now i now its not just lag.

thats exactly what im talking about.

how cpould it be lag if there was no lateral movement from enemy and the crosshair remained on target at all times?

Server side lag, not user side. BB’s servers are all hosted by GBX and 2k, so it makes it difficult to hack, but can cause frequent lag issues.

EDIT: And if they are hacking, they are most likely actually scripting, I’m fairly certain hacking BB would require actually hacking into their servers, in which case they are probably f*cking with something much more important.

Hmm why is this a reply to me? :smiley:

You’re the last post I read that mentioned lag, and I didn’t feel like tagging everyone. Does it really matter?

No, I was just wondering if I need to reply something… :sweat_smile: