Lag or something

Hi I’ve been off borderlands 3 a bit but now that I’m trying to get back in the game noticing some real problems. Don’t think it’s my console no other game is having this issue. I have logged in the game get to sanctuary and the game is literally every couple steps the game acts almost like it freezes then I can move again. This has been a issue last few times I’ve logged in hotfixes applied and it doesn’t matter. I’d truly appreciate a answer as I’m considering uninstalling the game and trying to download it again. Thanks in advance.


I have the same issue. Started after dlc 4. Tried uninstalling the game and dlc, but it is still happening. Also tried getting save data off ps4 cloud and rebuilt ps4 database. So far the only way I can play is in another online game. But then after awhile it will start freezing again. Hope this can be resolved soon if not I’ll wait till ps5

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It’d be nice to get a representative to comment that they’ve acknowledged this and are looking into seeing what the problem that is causing this. Cause I’ll bet if there’s two of us there might be more.

Yeah a buddy suggested this to me too uninstalling it. But knowing that doesn’t fix it and here I thought it was my smart tv but I’ve done all I know. And if other games don’t have issues.

I had the same issue the night of DLC4 release. Unfortunately the issue seemed to solve itself overnight so I don’t have any input on how to fix (playing on old PS4).

About getting a response from the dev’s you’ll have to submit a bug report, they occasionally read through here but aren’t very active and don’t participate much as far as I can tell