Lag Questions and Answers?

Question to anyone, whether it’s PC, Playstation 4 or XBOX One. Has anyone ever experienced a sudden “hiccup” where you are shooting something and you KNOW you’re hitting it, but then BAM! A few secs later, you’re elsewhere from your target? I gotta ask 'cause I’ve had this s*** happen to me a lot whenever I play, no matter whether it’s Incursion, Meltdown, or another game mode. It’s the most freaking annoying thing I’ve seen with Battleborn, and I wanna know if anyone else has gone through what I’ve gone through.

PC here, can confirm. haven’t given it to much thought since it doesn’t happen that often to me, but there were times those lag spikes affected my whole team not just me so i guess it could be the servers? just guessing though.

Had it happen to me on XB1, although not that often. More likely is a case of the jitters, where movement is jerky and you can never seem to get your cross-hairs on target. If it happens again, take a quick look at your team stats and see if any are red or yellow bar.

Maybe like a total of 10 instances across over 3k games. A couple of times was on my end. Comically, my very first game in the beta had crazy lag spikes and I almost said screw it but since I enjoyed that game when it wasn’t laggy I decided to play a few more and was relieved not to experience anymore lag for the rest of the beta.

This was happening to me the other night when I was playing solo on Toby’s ops mission.