Lagging gameplay and difficulty connecting

Me and me friends have noticed very bad lagging while playing borderlands 2 on the xbox one, we had no issues before on the 360, one very annoying one is when an enemy is phase locked we are shooting through its head and not doing any damage, we are also having connection issues, however when i put the game to open/public we were able to connect without issue

Are you using the in-game chat or party chat while playing? So far, my experience has been that party chat works better. Also, make sure everyone has their NAT settings to OPEN (XB1 network settings).

On the connection issues, there is a known problem with the game trying to use stale connection data when connecting to host. If you’re having problems, whoever is hosting should try switching their game to private then switching back to Friends Invite again.

We have 2 open one moderate, and the moderate is 99% always moderate, we always use private chat, we are usually on friends only, tried switching to invite only, didnt work, back to friends only, didnt work, but then we tried public and that worked.

The game works best on open. Try the trick with switching to private and back again. You may also find that hitting ANY public connection clears the problem for the Friends/Invite only options. Frustrating glitch, but I’m not too optimistic that a patch is going to drop that would fix this. (Plus apparently the 360 version of BL2 is getting the backwards compatibility treatment - what?)

That would be nice if we could port characters back to the 360 version. As i said it did work when i set it to public, i haped that would also eliminate lag if i left it public, but no such luck

That could be the one person with moderate NAT instead of open? Alternatively, if any of you have their XB1 connecting to their modem/router via WiFi, that can be iffy at times. You will get lag regardless if there are a lot of visual effects going off all at once, which is easy enough to do with multiple players (including a siren) wielding elemental weapons. Throw in an Axton or two using Gemini…

I am a siren on that play through, but the lagging seems constant and not really to do with the characters and whats all going on, (edit) however it does get worse when an enemy is phase locked, after my one friend got off my other friend and i went to play on our other characters, when he connected i was standing still insanctuary, reading forums, he was tunning around and decided after about 20 minutes that he was done cause it was unplayable how laggy it was. Now, are you able to specify the upload speed required to host?

Hmm… Check the connection indicators next time - the three bars like a histogram. They really should be green for everyone but, if the host has yellow or red, it’s likely the game will lag. Note that the NAT settings (Open, Moderate, etc.) aren’t actually related to speed - they’re an indication from the XB1 to the router of which ports should be opened/forwarded (communicated by UPnP). They’ll potentially affect game play and chat, but that’s about it.

Was your character in a vendor or inventory while this was going on? Because that also slows the game down for some reason.

I dont think so, and thank you i never could understand what NAT was, i saw a link about port forwarding on another forum here