Laggy, stuttering, crashing when Online only

Like a lot of others, the recent update has made the game unplayable for me.

The only way to “fix” the problem is by disconnecting your xbox from the internet. I’ve tried literally everything. The game is a laggy, stuttering mess that crashes constantly, but if you disconnect your xbox either via ethernet or turn off your wifi, suddenly the game is back to the way it was before this god awful update.

The issue is so obvious and yet it’s crickets from gearbox for over a month now?

Did you check your Notifications and Echo settings in the Social menu? Those do contribute to issues if you have them enabled. I have both turned off, and I’m running about the same as before the update on original XB1 unless I rush and trigger multiple mob spawns at once. (I also switched to SHIFT matchmaking; don’t know if that makes a difference but most of those showing on my Friends list are still on XBox matchmaking.)