Lagspikes ruining gameplay on Xbox 360

This is really annoying. Every so often, the game plays one second, then skips a few frames, then repeats this action until it decides to stop. It’s awful. I’ve fallen off the level a couple times because of it.

did you hit a save point? game tends to lag out when hitting save points. i have experienced lag spikes with out save points tho as well. it happens alot in concordia and i die when jumping over the center pit.

That gets worse as you level up your character. My inescapable conclusion, because of that, is that it is caused by poorly tested code. It has been there for a long time, across all the BL games. In TPS it becomes much worse, because the hitches can happen to developed toons even when you’re nowhere near a save point–and there will be several such halts in succession (not just the one from a save point). It’s clearly the same internal tripping over data mounds that happens on save points, because it gets worse in conjunction with the save-point deficiency.

PLEASE FIX THIS! On this system, not the next gen.