LAN Problem (ce-34878-0)

For the past seven years, I have been playing The Handsome Collections with my family and friends on PS4 offline LAN until now with all the new updates causing my friends to get kicked out of the game that i’m hosting it with that blue Playstation Screen saying that they got error code ce-34878-0 and then it kicked me out too. So, what is going on? is it a glitch problem or do you guys need to update a patch to fix that problem cause its starting to irritated me.

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A quick google suggests that this is not restricted to the Handsome Collection, and has been around for a while:

(Note that some of those posts go as far back as 2013…)

You can file a support ticket but I suspect you’ll be asked to follow the same trouble-shooting steps anyway. This page seems like a good summary:

Note the advice on backing up your save files before doing anything else - I’d recommend an external drive or USB stick, and making regular backups there even if you’re using the cloud backup provided with PS+.

Hi VaultHunter101,

I will try what you suggested but I doubt it will change anything because all my four PS4 had the same problem. But when I played it solo, I never had that problem. We also play Diablo 3 and Dying Light on offline LAN just fine. I think its something wrong with your game that isn’t allowing us to play offline LAN. We managed to play it for a little bit until it kicked us out of the game.

I’m just a volunteer moderator for the forums. If what I suggested doesn’t work and the problem persists, please file a support ticket using the link provided. Unfortunately, the error message is not terribly specific!