Language and translation

I have some questions about translations in Borderlands 3

  1. Will there be subtitles in Polish?
    I can not speak English so well (probably the problem not concern just me) that I can easily understand each conversation. Of course, I can catch the meaning of words after words, but sometimes there are such conversations that I have difficulty with them. Especially in a dialogue where the words fall quickly, I can not keep up, and some individual monosyllabs can not be heard.
  2. I am going to buy ps4 specifically for Borderlands 3.
    If there were no subtitles in Polish, can i download Polonised version on ps4 by game community?
    I remember that in Borderlands 2, when I was playing on the computer, I swapped the game files, but something like that could be done on ps4?
  3. Last question, what makes that even such big games hasn’t more optional languages? It seems to me that it is not so demanding and expensive, but I may be wrong.

Thanks for the answer.


Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately I don’t have an answer to your question, but I am currently living in Opole, Poland untill June, where in Poland do you live?


  1. Unfortunately NO.
  2. No, it’s not possible.
  3. You are wrong :slight_smile: