Laptop Suggestions

Hey guys, so I’m thinking of getting a new laptop sometime soon. Would like some suggestions as to what would be worth a look. I have been wanting to “build” (going through different options on a website) a laptop, but really don’t know what companies are considered reputable.

Honestly, anything helps! My current laptop is decent (1 TB HD is always nice), but the battery life is just horrible and the poor fan placement has the thing overheating constantly. Considering it was a hand me down, I can’t really complain…

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ASUS is always a great company to go with. A tad bit pricey but you can at least look at the specs they use and go from there.

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Be careful with Asus, make sure you get a good spec if you buy one.

I was cheap and got basic and it was a major pain to open the laptop up and upgrade RAM. Asus do NOT want people opening up their laptops and fiddling with them, you basically have to take the whole thing apart just to put in more RAM. And it wasn’t perfect when I put it back together too, the usb and other ports do not fit properly out of the laptop like they did before.