Large scale, huge unit cap, multiplayer/CPU games impossible due to "Out of Sync" errors

Me and two other friends have been playing several 3 v 5 expert Taiidan CPU games with huge unit caps.

After about 40-50 minutes into a game, the sheer number of units the AI has out per CPU approaches the generous max unit caps for most classes (strikecraft and frigates for example).

In each instance, the game eventually froze for everyone for a few seconds. When the game resumed, one or more players (including CPU opponents) would be forced out of sync and announced to everyone else with "X has left the game."

Players (or CPUs) forced out of sync are ejected from the game and taken to the main menu. Their units do not disappear or explode - they simply act as if the player was AFK, carrying out whatever commands or orders they were given prior to desync as well as autoattack functions.

We’ve never had players go out of sync with the same game conditions on 3v3s. So the take home lesson for this is, don’t play team games with huge unit caps against more than 3 CPUs since they are highly efficient at reaching those caps and maximising their production making it easy to cause games to go out of sync.

It would be good if a GBX dev could shed some light on this. Yes it’s not exactly a critical issue but hearing their take on whether or not the engine could be improved to reliably handle games of this magnitude would be nice.