Large scale shield hps build big boom blaster shield Infinite Skeksil ammo and nades

I’m posting my build I’ve running now based on shield hps. I run a big boom blaster or front loader. They’re both good shields but I will be exclusive to the big boom when I find one with the +75% hit point and shield buff. I find the Skeksil pistol to be the most effective dps for my play style. Any weapon can be adopted providing there is a aoe/splash damage effect. Switching from scorching rpms to the iron bank may work better for some other weapons. Also big booms don’t need behind the iron curtain as much and those points could go to drowning in brass for dps or vice versa for front loader for shield recharge, also full can of whoop ass is recommended for front loaders as well. You can use whatever ib weapons you want, but I usually jump out immediately and ignore in altogether except for procs.

Skills :
Skeksil set up

Guardian ranks I have all.

Gear I use :

Big boom

Front loader

After ib exit


Class mod



All pictures are in sanctuary and further shield hps comes from phalanx doctrine.

Ideal bonuses are :

  • hp
  • shields
    And whatever you like.

Note the anoint with 120% splash damage after ib exit provides a sizable increase in shields too for some reason .

I stream on twitch now and have a YouTube account with playruns at m3 tvhm, but I
’m still pushing story so most content is easy.

Mac2monster ( as himself on YouTube and twitch).

Edit : an alchemist will produce 100s of shield boosters for little damage to you and ok damage.


Considering you have all the guardian rank perks Force Feedback is useless. It triggers the same effect that the GR Shield Reboot does and they unfortunately don’t stack.

I’m interested in your choice of Selfless Vengeance over Armored Infantry considering how heavily you’ve invested in Bottomless Mags. Could you explain your reasoning?

I use a fire Skeksil. Mag size has no effect on them but reduced heat is nice. Armored infantry just doesn’t weigh out enough, the bonus dr doesn’t do much on its own and every other dam bonus in the tree is better.

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Does the Skeksil really over heat enough to proc selfless vengeance often?

The min maxer in me couldn’t resist doing a small comparison, so here goes.

Firstly, Armored Infantry would add about 9% to your damage, with 5 PD, 3 DiB and max Click Click armored infantry is still worth just shy of 8%.

When compared to Selfless Vengeance against flesh and on body shots. Selfless vengeance wins by between 18%-23% depending on Click Click and SoR stacks. On Critical hits the difference is reduced substantially to between 2% and 6%.

I also ran the numbers against shields for an idea of what the numbers looks like in a non matching elements case. Here on Body shots the difference ranges from being roughly equal to Selfless Vengeance being 4% better. On crits Armored infantry is superior by 2%-6%.

Edit to add this is with TVHM multipliers and a placeholder 10% crit guardian rank buff. The other guardian ranks are multiplicative so should effect everything equally.

How do CoV weapons proc Selfless Vengeance? Is it just more fire damage when overheating?

Yeah, with my current gear it takes 4-5 seconds of continuous fire to overheat. I purposefully push the heat up fast and then tend to burst around at high heat for more dps. Then when I want to reload I just floor it. The added fire damage scales with all the other fire buffs and on gear you can add more multipliers. So it’s completely build reliant. If buff weapon damage or want to use another element then ai would be the choice.

I/e my elemental projector won’t buff flat damage.

So with armored infantry you get 15% base weapon damage and selfless adds 15% bonus fire damage of weapon HIT (x multipliers).

Wait… Hitting that “Redline” on heat procs Selfless Vengeance?

I wonder if it also resets the Blast Master COM…

And I have a 75/75 BBB, you seem to be on PC, PM me your ID and I’ll mail ya one! If you’d like…

Does Selfless Vengeance also proc on weapon break? Been meaning to test that, but haven’t gotten around to it.

I’d love one, where do I find my lol. My display name is Mac2monster on epic