Large Trade List

I’m interested in you Cryo recurring hex. What are you looking for?

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Just edited the post to show what I am interested in but I will trade for anything decent really just trying to get this stuff out of my hands and into those that want them :slight_smile:

I have a Bounty Hunter COM with +25% weapon damage I’ll trade for the cryo recurring hex

Aw man someone else already nabbed the Hex just now on dm. I’d super like that COM tho if there’s anything else you are interested in. How many points in TBDG does it have?

That was the only item above I needed but I’m always on the lookout for gamma burst anointed guns. And that com doesn’t have any pints in TMDG but I have another one with 1 pt in TMDG and +31% SMG damage.

I’ll be on the lookout for that stuff for you. That COM isn’t good without Big Game but I’ll definetly contact you if I get any GB annoints.

I main Fl4k so I know what you mean. And I appreciate it.

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I main everyone LOL. Got a near perfect build on everyone just trying to improve the peices at this point and help out others so any time I find a GB annoint, it’s going your way. What’s your GT?

It’s TexasC4. And Thank you I’ll keep an eye out for your request above and send it your way if I find any of them.

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I’m interested in the Lucians. What other stuff do you need? GT is Jabezz

I’m interested in seeing that cutpurse if possible