Largest Killing Spree

I don’t think anyone will beat mine…

Ok… obvious glitch, my real streak is 21… I know tons of people have done much more.


Har Har…I did 60 with the Bots last week. :slight_smile:

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My ISIC streak is 300+ and my Caldarius streak is almost at 500. I’ll post screen shots later.

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That’s awesome. I wanna get a group together, do a boys Incursion, destroy the first sentry, and then just focus on Kills for the rest of the time. See what we can get up to.

I have a million winning streak. True story.

I have Deande at about 1300. Still haven’t touched bots battle with her. Never will.



Big deal! @blainebrossart1’s killstreak with Rath is

#OVER 9000!!


Talk about stomping pugs under premade teams! Or abusing bots lol

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No, the stat is bugged. Counts over matches.


That sucks. I never look at these insignificant stats so failed to notice it was bugged. My Rath and Boldur have close to 900 while my Pendles has a little over 1k killing spree lol.

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I think I’m sitting around the 1k with Deande, but what annoys me more is that my damage taken stat is bugged as well and constantly says 0. :confused:

Bet you never thought that I could go whole matches without getting hit once! =P

That’s sarcasm of course.

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Yeah, it’s bugged - it just counts your kills since the Winter Update. I had 600+ with Mell before I stopped playing.

Lol I couldn’t tell if this was a serious thread when I saw the first post had like +400 kills hah

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Nope it’s legit. Especially my streak. Git on my level scrub.


I thought the same thing. I also thought that the kills spree were getting accumulated based on consecutive matches where the player never died lol. The latter would make those high 400+ kill spree quite possible.

STFU Canadian <3

Naww you know my best kill streak be 35-0 as Benedict

I have a Reyna penta kill now…

Also how is that IRL stuff going? I saw u on for like 20 seconds the other day and then you went dark again.

34-0 with the whisk and dwarf

I kill a 12pk or a bottle every friday night while playing… so theres that

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