Largest (Non-Kelvin) Health Pool in the Game

so I got bored and decided to try to calculate the highest health amount achievable in the game, excluding our favorite chomper Kelvin

So according to lowlidev (I actually haven’t gotten the chance to verify) Attikus’s max health at level 10 is 3025.

So here is the breakdown on how to get the max health pool of 6015, a whopping 98.8% increase!

Helix: he has 1 helix that modifies his health, and that is his level 7 left augment Unstoppable, adding 360 health
Current health: 3385

His gear: Only one unique is required in this section, and that is the Squad Goals BDU from OMatBS operation

This adds a total 780 health from a single piece of gear if you manage to get all ops points

along with this, you just need any green, purple, or orange gear that buffs max health as the minor skill I recommend some like these for kelvin:

with your gear, you can get 1200 more health
current health: 4585

but wait, there’s more! if running an op, you can have 2 more teammates, I recommend a Kid Ultra and Miko to help get the most out of your health

For Kid Ultra, with his helixes, you can have 4 drones, each giving you 250 more health for a total of 1000 more just from teaming up with him.

With Miko, if they are running this gear, they can add even more health to you as long as they heal you and you remain at max health

5 stacks of 56 health gives 280 more, basically an extra major effect health gear.
(although this might could work with KU’s healing drones as they also give a constant stream on healing, I need to test)

and finally, a piece of gear for either KU or Miko that can help the entire team, the vigilance link! it allows your entire team to gain health from a single piece of gear

through your allies, you can get 1430 more health
current health: 6015

so here is the write up of how to max out this attikus, I’m tempted to jump into an OP with an extra controller to see if I can actually achieve this in game (as the testing area doesnt allow extra allies OR ops point gear to be tested :cry:) ((I’d also LOVE for the main story missions to allow ops gear to scale as they’re just too damn good and they could really help some of the more difficult advanced missions))

if i’m missing any other helpful gear or a different character is actually more useful let me know!


It might take two MX Elite bot grenades to kill such a monster :smirk:


or 1 aria attack XD

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