Laser Blaster Stocks

dose anyone know what increases and decreases with the stocks?
im using at the min to find what i think is the perfect Blaster. i know it is a Maliwan Body, Barrel and Grip.

dosnt say too much on stocks.

I think it’s just like SMGs, they all increase accuracy and decrease recoil, but not by the same amount.
I think the best choice for a stock is to have a matching part. If you’re using a Maliwan Laser; use a Maliwan Stock. If you’re using a Tediore Splitter, use a Tediore stcok.

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ok thanks

It’s the same as most guns. Dahl stock is best on all but Hyperion, where you’ll want the Hyperion stock for 10% matching parts crit bonus.

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its not all matching as so far barrel is Dahl, Body is Maliwan, Grip is Maliwan. just vendor griding at the minute to find some guns

might as well go Dahl, and get 2 complete Dahl Blasters

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I prefer the dahl stock and grip with the hyperion or maliwan sight as dahl stocks typically reduce recoil, but then matching parts might give you better stats overall. Im not too experienced with lasers yet, but dahl stock is the way to go with most other weapon types so i think thats a solid bet.

im currently vendor grinding as my 2 blasters are not up to the task, im lvl13 my purple is a 7 and green is a 9.
il post stats for referance purposes but damage and elemental damage wont be a grate indicator

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If you’re level 13, don’t bother with parts. They don’t even matter that much at endgame unless you are min-maxing a build. You don’t even have enough skills to make a functional build at this point, so you’d be way better off forgetting about parts and focusing on leveling up.

When you do get to the point where parts matter, then you still shouldn’t be concerned with stocks, especially on laser where their impact is minimal. Only for Hyperion lasers should you aim for a specific stock, on most other lasers it isn’t that big a deal.

that suck s, could have had a lvl11 Cat o Nine (or something like that) for about 5 grand

That would have been fine. You should still upgrade your gear, just don’t worry about the parts, or farming for specific items. You don’t need perfect parts purple or orange weapons this early in the game. JJust getting any on level weapon will be enough.

gotta lvl 15 blue grade ice blaster dahl, 5 round burst fire. jsut 2 more to go