Laser Disker does variable damage?

I’ve been chucking a Laser Disker on a target dummy and the damage number is not the same with each throw. I’m using Wilhelm with no stackable skills. What’s going on?
It’s as if it depends on the body part that I hit.

Start by removing all variables that may interfere with results:

  • No BAR
  • No COM
  • No skills
  • No Oz kit

Then repeat the experiment by making sure there is always the same amount of ammo left in the mag

What could be interfering? All I did was to shoot once, and throw it. Nothing was being altered between throws. Same items equipped, no stacking skills, same amount of bullets in the mag. I’ll test it again naked. Just to be sure.

Wildly different results are common. It’s a mysterious gun. I don’t think anyone has it totally figured out.

Sometimes the Disker chucks will even bounce off an enemy…or pass right through them.

I aim right blow an enemies chin. This gives me the most consistent results. Crits are massive but much more. susceptible to the listed anomalies above. Hit a flying enemy with a chuck and it’s even more massive.

One thing for sure, it’s the best chucker in the game bar none.


what’s also good about this gun is the kills are counted as RL kill skills for BA ranks. Makes a great FFYL option to chuck it at an enemy and get the 2nd wind kill skill for RL.

I love it. And the results are actually pretty consistent: Everyone dies.

The Laser Disker’s shots and explosions inflict more than Double Damage against frozen and/or airborne targets.

Against flying enemies and bosses, it’s damage (when well aimed of course) can reach ludicrous levels, especially with laser damage and capacity boosts.

In the end, any class can make the most of this laser.

One problem is that frozen midair targets can be hard to hit with the Disker’s reload (flies through them sometimes).