Laser Disker Mechanics

The Laser Disker’s throw reload does more damage as the reload connects higher up an enemy’s hit box. There were some people like @impala and @johnrr6 talking about this a while ago and I think I’ve pegged it. A really interesting and unique mechanic IMO.

As I delve deeper into this game I’m finding out a lot of stuff. Like how the explosive multipliers and the frozen explosive multiplier multiply one another instead of add to each other like they theoretically should. Or weird stuff with the Rainbow Hologram COM. Ect… And I don’t know what to do with all these tiny snippets.


Did you get the weird “phasing through the target” behavior they mentioned as well?

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Yeah on frozen UBA Trojans the Disker tended to pass through them a lot, but nothing else so far in my game. And there is also another mechanic that boost the Disker chucks by another 100%, but I haven’t figured it out yet (or so I assume).