Laser-Sploder item card incorrect

While farming Sylestro today I had two Laser-Sploder drops, and the item card info is clearly incorrect on one of them.
Shrinking Gratifying Laser-Sploder: 826 damage
Double-Penetrating Shredded Laser-Sploder: 636 damage.
both are cryo.

Actually using them proves that the DP version is doing more damage exactly like it should, but that item card is clearly wrong. This doesn’t seem like something to put in tech support, but it is definitely not doing what it should.

DP is a x2 prefix. Did it show like 636 times 2 for damage? Might be a visual bug it doesn’t show x2 for DP. DP 636 should be a little over 1.2k in damage

Exactly, it doesn’t show any kind of x2 in the item card.

The damage appears correct when using it, it’s just that little missing bit on the card.

It doesn’t say on the card for some reason, but the DP should say damage X2. Anything that has DP on it does less base damage than normal but is a x2 projectile so it ends up doing more DPS.

This seems to be an issue with Lasers, for example the DP Blister (TORGUE laser AR) doesnt display the x2 modifier aswell.