Oh, Mister Torgue, why didn’t you make this gun?

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It’s beautiful. Has anyone tried it with Claptrap? I feel like mixing shock in with gun chucking would be good.

Because he hates lasers remember.

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…Because they don’t explode.
Except they do now, so he has no reason to hate them.



Ooooh yes i have been using a matching Tediore grip LD at lvl 70 that dropped from EOS, it it the tits. Yesterday i just started slowly falling in love with it…

The laser shots need to be lead ahead slightlly against moving targets, but if you bean a flying enemy while in the air yourself it makes a distinctive BING sound, which is cool. 80 accuracy seems to be enough to make some pretty epic long distance skill shots.

Long distance kills count toward Hand of God BA challenge, as well as laser kills. However, only the throw reload against flying mobs counts towards the Battle Star challenge. (about 95% sure of these from casual observation)

101k card damage per shot comes to ~200k with +45% sapper COM bonus and 1 LodeNSplode stack… Prismatic Bulwark + 3DDiE bump it up to 250-300k per shot.

But the real beauty of the Laser Disker is brought out by +Grenade Damage (bomber oz, grenade vent)

A fully loaded chuck (24 max mag - 2 = 22) hit the flesh dummy for almost 9000k, without LnS/grenade vent. About 3 times stronger than a optimal Refill IVF shot (3x1000k). Things just get crazier when Gun wizard rolls around, what with the doubled mag and doubled reload speed, taking down UBAs at entire cake/4player difficulty within 4 chucks

Ermagerd! I must has…

Come to me my pasty cake!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any useful info re: farming it, I found mine in the chest atop the Holy Spirits.