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The Wolverene


Let’s face it. Death is both a job description and occupational hazard for Salvador. It is simultaneously his biggest asset and his greatest liability. He puts himself, everybody and everything around him at risk with a child-like nonchalance that makes even the hardest hearted war dog bite his thumb in envy. Why does Salvador do this? Because it’s super-effective. Because it pays off. Because it’s fun. And because only he can. He is, after all, the most wanted man on Pandora.

Let’s help keep him alive, shall we?
Here’s the BARE MINIMUM you need to do to be an official first person bossfight. I’ll flesh out the accoutrements I run with later. I’m leaving this delibrately terse so YOU can build on it the way YOU want!

Mandatory full investments in:
Hard to Kill
Ain’t Got Time To Bleed
Sexual Tyrannosaurus
Come At Me, Bro

You’ll need to split 5 points between
I’m The Juggernaut

As well as
Out of Bubblegum
Fistfull Of Hurt
Bus That Can’t Slow Down
Just Got Real

Mandatory Gear
A Rough Rider
A Sereph Blood Relic
A class mod granting +6 to Sexual Tyrannosaurus (Monk, Beast and Tank are what I’ve found so far)

  • Weapon Agnostic
    Anything goes. Dust off your old beauties. They deserve some time in the sun.

The Deets

Now that you’ve got the essentials, I’ll walk you through how I personally like to run.

Slot 1: Bullets Go Fasterfied Slagga
Slot 2: Hefty Plasma Caster (Tediore PC)
Slot 3 & 4: Flying Lascaux

Shield: Rough Rider
COM: CEM +6 Sexi Rexi +5 Asbestos
Grenade: Pandemic
Relic: Blood of the Achients w/ SMG and AR ammo boost.

My backpack holds a Wild Ogre and a Fire Fire Choppa I’m looking to upgrade.

Basically I just turn the battlefield into a toxic pandemic wasteland and hose anything down that does not burn or melt with dual lascaux’s at point blank range. If that does not work, or I run out of ammo, which is rare these days per the relic (thanks Chuck) I hot swap the PC out for an appropriate minigun and go to town anew. If you do your job right, you’ll be:

  • Skating into, out of and back into the hairiest of situations with full health

  • Out-regenerating all (and I mean all) but the bitterest of DoT shots

  • Cutting ele proc damage on your person in half (thanks, Asbestos)

  • Constantly using Come At Me, Bro as a ‘get out of jail free’ card when you make a mistake, need to tank a revive,or just plain bite off more than you can chew

  • And finally, in the event that you do take a knee you will know the joy of tomahawking a fully-loaded Tediore Plasma Caster into someone’s face FTW.

Full 68 Point Skill Specs

Gun Lust Tree
Fire rate and weapon swap speed are essental to FPS enjoyability to me. I want my gun out, I want it firing, and I want it firing fast. Between the quick tediore reload and Auto-Loader I find myself with a perpetual 25% fire boost and always having a fresh mag to swap to. I never stop firing. In fact, now throwing grenades feels like an eternity because I’m used to how much hurt I can lay down with my guns in the same amount of time. Awesome.
Rampage Tree
The Wolverene is not by any means an offensive powerhouse from a strategic perspective. He is, however extremely tactically offensive. i.e. We all know you can spec your build so that the fight is essentially over, before it even begins, yeah? Strategic victory. But where’s the fun in that? Forget Gun Lust. Go tactical. Go Rampage. Earn this, James. Inconcieveable and Filled To The Brim Keep you stocked. You’re going to go through ammo real quick. All In The Reflexes makes a refreshingly noticeable difference in how quickly you can cast off your Tediores. Trust me. Steady As She Goes and Double Your fun seem pretty self explanatory. Why throw 10 pandemics when you can throw 20 in the same amount of time right? You haven’t lived until you’ve dumped 20 pandemics in a Circle O Slaughter.

Get Some & Last Longer: Because Come At Me Bro can proc once and only once per ‘zerk’ I want to zerk often, rather than longer, yeah? I find the 3:4 ratio of the two is no more and no less than I, personally, need to charge up a new zerk by the time the old one has wound down. Try it and ajust for taste. Just keep in mind, your goal is not to extend your zerk, but to chain them together, perpetually.
This is what will keep you alive and kicking. Hard To Kill is self explanatory. Due to the COM boost for Asbestos, I split the 5 points needed to advance the chain 1:4 between it and Incite which you’ll find is a fabulous skill as you learn to love being able to dance across the floor, perpetually akimbo. Out Of Bubblegum is any Rough Rider Sal’s bread and butter. This stacks with Locked and Loaded and the CEM boosting RoF by just under 100% for all weapons all the time. Sweet.
Ain’t Got Time and Sexi Rexi are basically self-explanatory. We’ll do a breakdown of what’s what in the regen mechanic soon. Bus That Can’t Slow Down and Fist Full Of Hurt are probably underrated skills, overlooked because they don’t do damage. Bus is vital. The quicker you move, the fewer attacks hit you. Even if it’s literally just for a second or two, being able to bug out of a fire fight without taking cover–or ceasing to fire yourself–will buy your healing factor enough time to get you completely out of the red. You are the go-to mob kiter, which can be pretty fun and finally, best of all you can get to any position on the battlefield relative to your target at any time. Wouldn’t give this skill up for the world.
That said, I still skate myself into sticky corners obstructed by psychos & stalkers occasionally. Fist Full Of Hurt is the perfect solution to this problem. Lastly, Come At Me Bro is your pre-second wind second wind. Gives you the confidence to throw yourself into the middle of situations most people would remain on the edge of. Why? Because you’re a Sal guy.

Revision later. Sleep now. Enjoy.


Its a YouTube video just copy and paste the link and it puts the video on the post. Also my internet sucks so videos just kind of buffer forever lol I’ll check it out at school or work tomorrow

School. Heh.

And work lol

This is my kind of jam, lashropa.


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Loved it :slightly_smiling:

BTW, you would get better results ouf of a vitality (or Blood) relic than a blood of the seraph: since all of Sal’s regen skills are % based, higher health means higher regen (comparatively)

So the nearly 60% extra health from a Blood relic beats the 37% of the seraph relic,not only on total health, but on health regen… even considering the nearly 1% regen of the seraph relic :slight_smile:

There are a few other things I saw
Lemme know if you want me to pick it all apart :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to have to give you the red pen on this one. Check your arithmetic and I’ll give you half credit on the ones you missed. Don’t worry, you can still pass the class.


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There is a cutoff point where one overtakes the other, but seeing as you have 10/5 sexy T-Rex, you get over it easily.

1000 health base, 6% health regen (that’s just T-Rex and gunzerking… Not HTK or Agttb)

With Seraph relic:
1370 health, 7% regen = 95.9 health regen per second

With blood relic: 1600 health, 6% regen = 96 health regen per second.

And from here, the more regen you have, the more the blood of ancient pulls ahead.

Not only does it get more regen and more health… But you also get more ammo out of it.

(Hands back red pen) :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, I love that you’re using the Chopper.

Most people play Gunzerker with a good gun and make it great through skills, but you did the opposite: you took a gun that was awesome but nigh unusable and used skills to correct it’s flaws instead of increasing its strengths. It’s unorthodox but so is everything that’s worth a damn. For that kudos.

Anyway like I said, I have a few suggestions to improve on your build, just tell me if you want to hear them. (Don’t worry, I’m not gonna suggest you start playing with a DPUH or anything: your build seems well thought through and a lot of choices make more sense than what one might think at first glance)

Why do you off-hand your big gun instead of putting it in your main hand ?

I know you don’t use many skills that don’t work on the off-hand so you’re not really affected, but it still looks odd to me :slight_smile:

The Wolverene II is out. Rejoice in your healing factor overlord. Enjoy having your left hand back, brothers akimbos. The write-up will soon follow.


Dare I ask: Is there anything else in particular you’d like to see in these vids?

For me, nothing specific. Just keep doing your thing, it’s pretty entertaining. :slight_smile:

Also, have you tried the Beast COM ?
It also boost Sexy T-rex, but it also increases your total health, making all your other regen skills that much better (same reason as for the blood relic basically)
You lose the fire rate and crit bonus from the Chaotic evil Monk but gain movement speed and reload speed (from 2 sources) as well as the health.

Not saying I think it is better than the monk (I don’t think it is), just wondering if you tried it.
Legendary Titan is also worth consideration

Also, I want to thank you for the inspiration: I’m working on a Brawn-based build thanks to you.


Requesting actual wolverines in your next vid. Or audio of actual wolverines—you know, like a sound bite of one saying “Mi abuela” or “blagga-blagga-blagga” or whatever? Should be easy.


Yeah dog. The people have spoken

Gotta say, this build is really, really neat. It’s always been a bit of a bother to me that you almost always see salvadors with moxxi weapons in one hand (usually a grog) and that really can limit their gun choices while gunzerking. I’m nowhere near an expert on these forums as some people are so take everything I say with a grain of salt, but I love what you’ve done with Salvador, you’ve opened up so many possibilities by not relying on a moxxi gun, but instead using sals often overlooked brawn tree. My favourite part is that you use fun, but unorthodox guns (like sledges shotgun) and they still work with this build. Great job man, excited to see more of this build and maybe try it out for myself


I’d like to see the build written down. Not everyone likes YouTube.

Thanks man. Truly, I need the love.

Yeah, I’ve looked over all the Sexi Rexi COMs and CEM was really just the one I liked the ‘feel’ of the most so I went with it. Now that the build is finished I’ll brush back over the others again, Beast and Tank being the ones that caught my interest most. We’ll see, there were things I didn’t like about them but I can’t recall at the moment.

As for the Titan COM, man. I’m glad you brought it up. If I could choose a mod to be my ‘main’ it would be that. But I can’t. The shield penalty kills the OoB bonus when you use the Rough Rider and, really, if you knew me & why I love Sal so much, you’d understand that OoB is really the whole entire reason I play this game. I wanna fire all the bullets. At everything. All the time. Feel me?

Bandit guns? Bandit guns!

Oh you just gotta. Super fun, easy to set up if you know your way around Pandora. Reviving your Siren friends is the best part!

Had a bad experience, huh? Yeah man, me too, me too. I tell you what though. I took a great deal of care to condense a lot of very specific information into 4 minutes of deliberately chosen symbolism. I would really appreciate if you’d check it out and let me know if I’ve succeeded or not.

Regardless, I’ll finish the write up very soon. I’m keen on text as well.