Lashropa's gunzerking corner

As for the build, a simple link using this should be enough:

Then an Evo or adaptive with a long recharge delay would also work.
The Titan COM actually boosts OoB :stuck_out_tongue:
You would lose the 20% damage resist of the RR (which is actually just 8%…) but you would gain a small shield capacity for when you come out of FFYL and a massive damage reduction against elemental attacks.
Sure you would have to have your shield stripped at the start of fights, but in UVHM, it’s hardly a problem, especially with the COM penalty.

At level 72, the health regen from the Titan COM is about equal to 0.5%. Coupled with the 0.5% from the extra 5 points in HtK, you almost make up for the 2% in Sexy Trex, but the extra health bridges the gap even further. Even if it sucks as a skill, a single point in I’m the juggernaut kinda makes up for the lost 20% damage reduction from the RR. +5 L&L brings even more fire rate (to compensate for the few times when your shield is full and you don’t get that 10/5 OoB). The 35% extra DAMAGE is just icing on the cake.

Yes…yes I do. :dukeaffirmative:

I get my fix from a Hoarder COM with 10/5 Lay waste and Keep firing :wink:
but you can’t really make a Brawn build that dips so low in all 3 trees. :frowning:
You could however take the points you put into quick draw and auto-loader and put them to reach Keep firing. Just a thought. I don’t know how important Auto-Loader is to your build though.

First draft’s up.

Top notch. Much appreciated, it gives people something to refer to when speccing out.

And the vid is nice too.

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I don’t play Sal often anymore, but this is a great read!

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Thanks man. I’m gonna clean it up a bit and maybe post a final montage just for the sake of game play action. Stay tuned though. I’ve got three or four more builds and a ton of variants for each to put up before I’m done.

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I love what you’ve done with the place. The charred bandit corpses at the entrance were a nice touch.

I spent a few Golden Keys today and got lucky with a pair of Jakobs quads. I put those in place of your Lascauxs, and BANG!

The health regen and damage resistance on this build are pretty damned impressive, even without perfect gear. Especially when I get the timing right on Come at Me Bro.

Well played!

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Word man. I’m still huntin’ for the quads myself

Very interesting lashropa. Gives me more variations to try.
Thank you for doing all that. :slightly_smiling:

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Abso. I’m interested to see what you come up with. Keep me in the loop.

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Just a check in. Lashropa is still a zerker at heart and will be be back soon. Miss you guys.


Good to see you, Lashropa. Got a little blast from the past here:

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Classic. I miss you too, buddy.

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