Lasodactyl not spawning

Anyone else’s lasodactyl not spawn? I go to the place where he spawns and kill the creatures there, and they drop a ton of eridium and legendaries but Lasodactyl doesn’t actually spawn. I don’t know why! I killed him before and saw he was a good easy farm for DLC3 stuff so I went to try but alas.
Saw a post on reddit about it but not the forum, just curious if anyone else has this issue or if there’s something I have to do to trigger the spawn.

Just in case, what platform are you on?

Epic, PC

OK - I’ll check later today to see if the same thing is happening for me. (Haven’t really bothered farming much at this point as I’ve only just finished all the challenges and side quests)


Now that I think about it; I play clone Zane and hypothetically, if his items drop center stage once lasodactyl dies, that would explain the eridium.
Maybe my clone is insta-killing him before I get a chance to even see his health bar or his body?
I’ll have to check this out too!

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He is spawning directly in front of you once you enter the cave. It’s really hard to miss it.


^ This. So, definitely spawning on both XB1 and PS4!

I’ll make a video if I can remember to. Will post link here latah