Last call big trade before I go farming again

I’ll trade for anything really this what I got

image image image

What do you want for the loaded dice?

Do you have a good mod or artifact that’s good for Zane

I’ve got a couple of Zane mods and a huge assortment or artifacts. What stats you looking for in particular?

Not really just something noticeable

Ramshackle- grants zanes clone binary system augment. Whenever clone receives melee damage is produced a shock nova. +17%weapon crit dam. +9%cov weapon dam. +29% AR damage.

Express- same status affects as above. +20% COR resistance. +45% Jakob’s weapon crit dam +1.6k sheild cap.

Treacherous- whenever Zane kills an enemy he gains increased accuracy, handling, crit dam. Status effect dam. Status effect chance. +9% vladof weapon damage. +24% forgive weapon reload speed. +29% action skill cooldown

That’s what I’ve got in the way of class mods. Artifacts is seriously too many to list

Do you have the grave

Have one right now, but it’s held to an amara melee build,

I have a “Knife Drain Launch Pad” 75% melee lifesteal / slam launches a barrage of homing rockets / 16% shock dmg / 14% weapon reload / 29% shock resistance

I would like to try out the “Unleash the Dragon” artifact?.. If you’re willing.

Do you have some that does damage I’m not much of melee guy

Do you have something that’s done weapon damage

Interested in your Binary Mocking Cutsman, I have a Grave. Unless you’re looking for something else.

Yes what your GT


Probably be on in about half an hour.

Hey I’m on. Didnt see your add, what’s your GT bro?

Interested in your deadeye unforgiven.

Do you have a wishlist?
GT: Azure PhienixTL

I do, looking for recurring hex. Can give cloning hex along with

I can give you a reaccuring hex in cryo radiation or shock. Just let me know what your after. I’m on later tonight. But if you want to trade then for the unforgiven or send it to fzzlove. That would work to. Let me know what you want to do. And fzzlove if you get it let me know so I can hook him up.