Last call I really need Fire and Corrosive Lyudas 200 ASA

Really need them badly if anyone has them let me know

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I’ll check when I’m back in Sanctuary, I have a few Lyudas.

Sorry just about everything exept 200 ASA lol.

Loool wow what about CH?

The Crit Hit Nova one?

Consecutive hits?

Ah, nope sorry

I’ve got a fire Lyuda ASA 200, if u still need.

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Yess broo i do


I’ll email it over to you tonite. Would you happen to have a Reflux with 300/90 or 50/150 annoint?

yes i do i can send it to you. whats ur psn mine is deathshot1234

PSN: bigpurp70

Just sent FR

Lyuda sent!

Still waiting on that Reflux…

Whoops sending it now my bad lol :joy: